Vlaunch, an influencer-backed multichain launchpad, is ending the year on a high note with the successful listing of its native token ($VPAD) on several exchanges.

Vlaunch via its official Twitter handle announced the much-anticipated listing of $VPAD on Uniswap, Phemex, and Bitmart. The token rose in price in under 24 hours of its launch with the potential to rise more.

Reports say that the token will be cross-compatible with several top blockchains networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, among others. It will also aid VLaunch’s mission to provide everyone with opportunities of investing in leading crypto projects.

Christopher Jaszczyski (MMCrypto), CEO of the project is very happy with the achievement and growth so far. According to him, in addition to the new rollout, the platform will add a venture token.

Currently, $VPAD is listed on three exchanges, while staking, claiming and trading of the new token is now live. MMCrypto in a video explains that participants who stake tokens will get IDO notifications as they launch on the platform. The new initiative will also benefit the crypto space and its community members.

More About Vlaunch

VLaunch is a platform focused on providing launchpads on multiple chains for promising new/upcoming projects. The platform was launched by MMCrypto and CryptoMo and has been able to gather support from some top-notch crypto influencers.

Furthermore, Vlaunch stands out from other launch pads because of its unique features and offerings. The platform can support projects from various blockchain networks, bringing together high-quality projects from all chains to one launchpad.

Also, the platform helps new projects by eliminating the high cost of listing. It also provides projects with large supporters and IDO participants and ensures staking requirements are as cheap as possible.

It is worth noting that Vlaunch is in its early phase. Top influencers in the crypto space are backing the project making the project standout. With its multi-chain support from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, among others the project expects to thrive.

$VPAD Price Update

Vlaunch’s native token ($VPAD), has recorded a massive growth in the last 24 hours since the launch. The token rallied by a whopping 6.2% and was trading at $1.40 at the time of publication.

$VPAD growth is most impressive because in days of its launch it crossed the dollar mark. The token currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $2,861,326 and a total supply of 1 billion. Also, Uniswap (v2) is currently the token most active exchange.

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