Binance Commences Shipping of Its Visa Card

The world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, has finally commenced shipping of its much-anticipated Visa cards to the EEA region.

Now, European users will have access to the myriad of functions brought to life by Binance Visa cards. Interestingly, Ether-based payments can now be seamlessly carried out using the Visa card.

According to an official Binance announcement, EEA users who have previously booked the cards should expect them soon. They only need to finalize the delivery process of the card in their card wallet. Alongside commencing shipping of the cards, Binance also revealed that the card already supports Ethereum (ETH). This means that European users can carry out Ethereum transactions with the Binance Visa card. They only simply need to transfer Ethereum tokens to their card wallet and then make it their most preferred payment asset.

More on the Card

Launched by Binance, the Visa card has a daily spending threshold of $10,600, which is approximately 8,700 euros. ATM withdrawals with the card also have a daily limit of $350, which is approximately 290 euros. Interestingly, transactions carried out using the Visa card attracts zero fees from now until 2021. The card, furthermore, boasts of 8% cashback.

Binance officially announced plans to launch the Visa card for the EEA region in July 2020. The exchange only offered virtual cards at first. Due to popular demand, it decided to launch physical cards. These cards are currently being shipped now.

An update for the Binance visa card is dashboard improvements. Users can now easily view their monthly BNB stash in the card wallet. The same applies to daily withdrawals and spending using the card.

Following the successful launch of its EEA Visa card, Binance has furthermore disclosed plans to launch cards for other regions of the world. One such region that stands out is Russia.

Interested persons in the EEA yet to put in an order for their Visa cards can do so here.

Crypto credit cards are becoming quite a trend in the cryptocurrency space. Top exchanges like Coinbase,, and Chiliz have all launched a form of a crypto-based credit card.

BNB Price

At the time of publication, BNB was trading at $33.24, with a market cap of $4,920,231,449 and a 24-hour trading volume of $662,055,409.

Binance is well known in the crypto space for its strategic partnerships. Notably, it recently partnered with Chiliz and Reef Finance. Its Smart Chain will also house all of VIDT’s NFTs.

Find out more about Binance on the Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel.


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