When you start investing in cryptocurrency for the first time, the following advice will be given to you very fast: ‘don’t invest more money than you can afford to lose’ and ‘do your own research’. For the last one, often referred to with the abbreviation ‘DYOR’, Binance has set up a platform to help you out.

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange based on daily volume, is continuously trying to push the crypto space forward. In June this year, Binance already launched a $1 billion fund to support the growth of startups in the blockchain industry.

To stay one of the industry leaders within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, Binance has now also launched an educational platform for retail investors. The platform, Binance Academy, introduces new investors to the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain with its latest offering.

The company has launched the platform with the aim to help new users get more familiar with the technology. Binance Academy and all the content (+450 videos and articles) is available in 15 different languages, including French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. You’ll find information on fundamental concepts like the “history of blockchain” and mining.

The Binance Academy is currently divided into four broad categories: blockchain, economy, security, and tutorials. It also has a separate ‘glossary’ segment, for those that want to catch up on the most common terms used in the space.

With Binance Acadamy, Binance is aiming to attract new investors who normally turn to YouTube or educational platforms like Udemy for more basic information. With cryptocurrency getting more and more popular, and with Binance on a mission to stay the largest crypto exchange, the move makes perfect sense.

Overall, the Academy seems like a good jump-off point for newbies, but seasoned cryptocurrency vets won’t find much they didn’t already know.


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