Binance Users

Binance has announced the addition of the Polish Zloty (PLN) and the Swedish Krona (SEK) fiat gateways to its platform.

According to the announcement, Binance users will be able to purchase BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP with their Visa cards, using SEK and PLN.

The exchange noted that the users will be able to complete their crypto purchases quicker without making deposits to their accounts first.

The announcement also reads, “PLN and SEK are fiat currencies and do not represent any other digital currencies.”

Notably, Binance support for Visa cards was added days ago. And support for Mastercard and the ability to purchase additional cryptocurrencies will be reportedly added in the future.

That said, just recently it enabled support for the Turkish Lira fiat gateway on its platform.

New options emerging

The Malta-based exchange recently enabled peer-to-peer marketplaces and e-commerce applications. Accordingly, the users can transact goods and services in these marketplaces. Concurrently, the developers can create their applications powered by the Origin blockchain. To remind, the Origin token (“OGN”) is used as an incentive, payment, and governance token in the Origin ecosystem.

Besides, recently Binance.US announced the launch of its iOS application. The exchange made this announcement via a tweet. Revealing the successful private beta test and inviting all of its clients to participate in the iOS beta.

The private beta testing phase began in 2019. It’ll allow Binance.US to address possible flaws and have them resolved before making the app available to users in 2020.

The exchange’s CEO Changpeng Zhao also took to Twitter to celebrate the successful launch of the Binance iOS (V2.6.0) and Android App (V1.17.0) for users.

Previously, the exchange announced its support for the Algorand v2.0.2 upgrade. Also, Binance U.S. is now available in the Google Play store.

Are you from Poland or Sweden? Do you use the behemoth exchange? If yes, let us know about your experience.


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