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Bitcoin and its elusive founder Satoshi Nakamoto have been intriguing the world for over a decade now. In the same vein, Satoshi’s portrait is tantalizing bitcoin seekers, technologists, and cryptographers. The portrait is actually a satoshi-maze puzzle designed by ex-Morgan Stanley programmers. And it contains 2.1 BTC.

The first one to transfer 1.1 Bitcoin (BTC) out of this wallet address “1h8BNZkhsPiu6EKazP19WkGxDw3jHf9aT” will be the winner.

Team Phemex came up with this ingenious idea, which has brought the crypto community closer. The riddle has been seen by over 300k. Interestingly, both crypto veterans and newbies are sharing ideas about how to solve the puzzle. Thus, more than 4500 Phemex Telegram channel members are brainstorming together and educating each other.

Driven by the community excitement, the puzzle creators have unveiled some new clues today. In an exclusive email to Altcoin Buzz, the below clues were shared:

  1. The first 21-digit prime found in consecutive digits of e is: 957496696762772407663
  2. The private key you derive from Satoshi’s portrait is a big integer, not Wallet Import Format (WIF)
  3. The filename of the picture is irrelevant
  4. The next step involves converting some words from the portrait, without I/O, into a 27-digit number
  5. Go back to step 4) again if you can’t figure it out
Who wins? 

According to the recent blog post, the one who transfers 1.1 BTCs for the above-mentioned address will be declared as the winner. Here is what needs to be done:

  • In case you have solved the puzzle, transfer 1.1 BTC to your wallet;
  • Contact the Phemex team using a twitter account;
  • Prove that you are the owner of the wallet to which 1.1 BTC has been transferred;
  • Once you prove the ownership, you will receive 1 BTC in a Phemex account as a trading bonus.
Earn $100 For retweets

The one who retweets the winner before the transaction has been done will also receive a $100 trading bonus in Phemex account.

Anonymous winner

The winner can choose to stay anonymous. In that case, s/he can just keep the 1.1 BTC. And someone who posts the private key by tagging Phemex official twitter handle will receive the 1 BTC trading bonus.

Community is growing

It seems to be a successful attempt to create awareness and tie the community closer. While some have created a GitHub repository to solve the puzzle, others are having fun solving the riddle.

Join Telegarm to win 2.1 BTC

Source: Phemex_En

About Phemex

Eight ex-Morgan Stanely executives came together in 2019 to build a Chicago Mercantile Exchange like platform for crypto traders. The team brings its Wall Street experience and expertise to the crypto space. Along with a strong engineering team, it is about to release the exchange testnet soon. It intends to address the latency and lagging issues, because of which the traders are not able to make the most out of crypto trading.

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