Bitfinex Will Reward You for Likes

Bitfinex offers an attractive reward to its users. The only requirement is to use the Bitfinex Affiliate Program.

Starting November 13 Bitfinex affiliates and referrals can enjoy a special benefit. The company shared this information via its Twitter handle. So, users can get higher revenue by liking and sharing social media posts. And the award will resemble a multiplier of commissions. Thus, the company invites followers to like and share its Twitter posts. Users with 1000 followers will enjoy the 1.1 multiplier, and the ones with a 10,000 audience can count on a 1.2 increase.

Besides, you can earn money by engaging more users in the Bitfinex affiliate program.

How does the program work?

It was launched on October 17. Starting November 6,  users can enjoy fee rebates on margin funding.

Company CEO Paolo Ardoino says:

“Bitfinex affiliate program is the only one that offers:

  • Unlimited rebates up to 3 levels of connection;
  • State of art dashboard to track your revenues in a transparent and granular way;
  • Rebate multipliers if your referrals get verified or buy LEO
  • Real-time updates.”

By opening a new account on the exchange the user becomes a member of the referral network. Bitfinex grants a special code that you cannot pass on to others.

Hence, as a reward, the head of the referral network will receive part of the commission paid by the client s/he attracted for using Bitfinex services. The size of the award depends on the level of the referral.

You may get 18% for the 1st-degree connection, 6% for the 2nd-degree connection, and 2% for the 3rd degree.

Every 30 days, the reward amount will be reduced by half until it reaches 0.5%. And if the head of the network or one of its participants passes identification, the exchange will increase the sum of payments by 1.2 times.

Here you will find more information on how the affiliate program works.

Last month, Altcoin Buzz covered the launch of the Bitfinex Affiliate Program and its main benefits.


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