BRC-20 tokens are making waves in the market and seem like a good trend to jump on. Crypto exchange Bitget recently listed BRC-20 tokens Nals (NALS), Meme (MEME), Pepe (PEPE1), and Vmpx (VMPX).

Bitget makes it easy for people to securely trade digital assets. The exchange lists several cryptocurrencies that users can trade on the futures and spot markets. If you are looking for crypto projects to explore, then these listings could be a good place to start. Bitget ensures that the projects it lists are trustworthy and reliable. Now, let’s take a look at some of these projects.

What is the BRC-20 Zone?

The BRC-20 is one of the newest trends on the market. It is a fungible token created for the Bitcoin blockchain. Interestingly, the BRC-20 standard is built on the Ordinals protocol. So it enables users to add different kinds of data to each Satoshi, including text, images, audio, and video. The information will mainly be inscribed as NFTs and tokens on the Bitcoin chain, despite the size constraint of the Bitcoin block.

ORDI was the first BRC-20 token listed by Bitget and already leads the BRC-20 standard market. So far, projects have minted thousands of tokens using the BRC-20 standard. Furthermore, the market has a market cap of over 600 million in just a few months.

BRC-20 tokens inherit the security of the Bitcoin blockchain. In addition, it is natively compatible with Bitcoin. BRC-20 tokens can:

  • Aid developers in creating tokens based on the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Enable trade between similar tokens.
  • Enable token creators to trade or mint BRC-20 tokens from a Bitcoin wallet.

The launch of BRC-20 tokens is Bitget’s latest contribution to the market as one of the leading crypto exchanges. Thanks to this platform, users can jump into the budding BRC-20 market and invest in projects with good potential with the ease of buying BTC or ETH.

Let’s examine some of these newly listed BRC-20 tokens.


NALS (NALS) is one of the meme BRC-20 tokens. As of this writing, there is no official documentation of the token, but the numbers are pretty good. NALs are currently valued at $0.095125.

Which BRC-20 do you like?

As the name suggests, MEME is a memecoin. Interestingly, it is also the second BRC 20 token created and the first meme token on Bitcoin.

Here’s a look at its numbers:

  • Total Supply: 99,999 $meme
  • Circulation Supply: 93,999
  • Burned Supply: 6000 $meme

MEME has a maximum mint of only 1 MEME per inscription. The team thoroughly planned the distribution of this token.

Pepe (PEPE1)

Pepe is another BRC-20 coin. While there is no official documentation for this project, the team is pretty active on Twitter. This token isn’t the same as PEPE on the Ethereum blockchain. Pepe launched quietly earlier this year and already has a good presence in the BRC-20 market. The project has held some giveaways in its bid to build a community. Pepe launched with a total supply of 42 million tokens, all of which have been minted.

Vmpx (VMPX)

The first Google backend architect, Jack Levin created VMPX. Furthermore, it currently trades at $0.052123. VMPX has a maximum supply of 108,624,000 VMPX coins. Despite being somewhat recent, VMPX already has a sizable fan base of supporters who are optimistic about its future. The number of transactions is even more astonishing. VMPX has the highest contribution of all BRC-20 projects.

You can trade these tokens on Bitget. And if you want to find out more about BRC-20, then check out our article detailing what they are and how they change Bitcoin.

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