Bitmain Sets Up 50MW Mining Farm in Rockdale, Texas

Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) producer, Bitmain partnered with Rockdale Municipal Development District (MDD) to launch its 50MW mining farm.

Based on reports, the mining farm will be set up in the city of Rockdale, Texas. The Chinese company joined hands with Rockdale Municipal Development District (MDD) and DMG to ensure its operations at the new venue.

Clinton Brown, Rockdale Lead Project Manager for Bitmain commented on the development. He said: “We are excited to launch this facility, which plays a significant part in Bitmain’s global expansion plans. Also, stable and efficient energy resources in Texas helps the scale of growth for the cryptocurrency mining industry.”

To remind, in 2018, the construction of 25MW of the mining farm took place on a 33,000-acre site owned by Aluminum Company of America. The company’s aim was to build the world’s largest cryptocurrency mine.

Besides, Bitmain continued on this path, constructing the 50MW facility, which can hit the mark of 300MW. Hence, giving it the potential to become the largest Bitcoin mining facility in the world.

This is Bitmain’s third project in the U.S., its strategic partner. Mayor of Rockdale, John King said: “Bitmain will be the future for developing new industrial projects in Rockdale, Texas. Hence, we are excited to continue to build partnerships together.

What role will DMG play?

DMG Blockchain Solutions company is a diversified cryptocurrency and blockchain platform company. Therefore, it will provide hosting and management services for the Texas project. DMG, as well as Bitmain, will work together to expand the capacity and ensure efficient operations of Bitmain’s mining hardware.

Additionally, both parties will work with the local workforce commission, the Rockdale MDD, on the project development. And grow its on-ground team at the Rockdale mining facility. Both companies will look to local suppliers as preferred vendors to support the ongoing construction of the data center.

COO of DMG, Sheldon Bennett also gave his view on the facility, “This mining facility marks a major milestone in the development of the mining farm industry. We are proud to partner with Bitmain, the leading innovator in this sector.”

To remind, Bitmain announced the proposed launch of the first World Digital Mining Map (WDMM) platform.


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