On the 28th of May, Block.one, the company behind EOS, ‘unstaked’ 3.3 Million EOS ($25M) in order to buy more RAM for unknown purposes.

First thing first, what’s the RAM used for on the EOS Blockchain?

The RAM is used by the developers to store data used in launching and production of dApps. RAM can also be used for the creation of new accounts. For example, the users have to buy a minimum of four kilobytes worth of RAM in order to open an account on EOS.

It’s good to know that the RAM price is not fixed.

What do we know so far regarding this purchase?

We know that the RAM acquisition was not made for more accounts on EOS because that would not require such a big purchase. So far, we also know Block.one is currently building on the mainnet and that the announcement which will be made June 1st could be huge.

There is speculation that suggests the purchase was made because of a partnership with a big gaming studio. EOS already has ex teams of big gaming companies like Activision developing on their blockchain, so this would kind of make sense.

Other people say that EOS needs more RAM to build a second layer scaling solution for Bitcoin, while others think EOS is working on a social media platform.

Everything mentioned above is just speculation and it should be taken with a grain of salt, however, I strongly believe that the 1st of June will be huge for EOS.


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