bnb chain updates july week 4

Some of the most important BNB updates from the previous week have been summarized for our readers.

BNB had a great month with a 35% increase in relation to USD. Also, its social activity increases by 47% on social engagements, 3.5% in social mentions, and 8.3% in contributors. Along with these successes during this month, let’s discover the latest BNB Updates throughout the last week. We bring you the 5 most important:
1. Users Can Now Claim Their Own .BNB Username
Now, users may navigate the metaverse, trade cryptocurrencies, lend tokens, mint NFTs, and take advantage of other opportunities utilizing a convenient ID thanks to SpaceID’s Web3 identity service.
While identity continues to be a crucial component of developing social interactions on Web 3 and opening the space up, the integration of apps with the greatest usage rates will ultimately determine the outcome. Therefore, users may purchase their own domains for $5 per year with only a little gas fee.

There are three primary features of SpaceID:
– Universal domain
– Customized Top Level Domains
– One SDK for all
In order to link people, data, assets, and applications across blockchains, SPACE ID is developing a global name service network. It is open-source, decentralized, and censorship-resistant. They believe that the core goal of Web3 is to serve as a bridge between decentralized identities and the physical and digital worlds.
2. Binance Has Announced S.S. Lazio NFT Ticketing
With the football team Società Sportiva Lazio, Binance has begun a test program for its nonfungible token (NFT) ticketing solution for the 2022–2023 season. According to Binance, NFT tickets will remove scalping and the problem of faked tickets. It will eliminate disorder at sporting events.
The new solution from NFT ticketing not only increases the security and authenticity of ticket sales activities. It also offers a new method to interact with your passion.

Fans of S.S. Lazio will be able to have more immersive experiences as a result of blockchain technology and the unique products created by the Binance team. NFT ticket holders will be eligible for spectacular prizes, discounts, privileges, and exclusive benefits with the Italian soccer team in addition to having entrance to the stadium.
3. CEO of Binance Met With Turkish Finance Minister to Discuss Cryptocurrencies
Nureddin Nebati, the finance minister of Turkey, recently spoke online with Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance. They talked about the development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
It is well known that Turkey’s volume of cryptocurrency transactions exceeds the global average. According to recent research, Turkey has the highest number of cryptocurrency users among European countries. Furthermore, according to Similarweb data, people from Turkey represent the greatest single source of traffic for Binance.

Furthermore, Turkey is now working on laws to regulate cryptocurrency. Although research on crypto money laws is still ongoing in Turkey, government officials have stated that major steps would be taken to support the crypto markets in the near future.
4. Binance Has Added 21 Banks Within Africa to Its Peer-To-Peer Platform
 Binance recently announced that it has incorporated 12 Nigerian banks into its P2P platform. The other 9 banks are from other countries on the African continent.
The purpose is to reduce the possibility of delays while processing Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions.
Also, Binance P2P  is important for emerging market countries. It is because people from that countries can’t buy crypto directly through SEPA or some other services. P2P makes it possible for them to buy crypto.

Binance asked its African consumers in the release to also suggest other local methods that they would want to see on the platform. Except for UBA, four of the five tier-1 banks (FUGAZ) have been included in the platform. Nine of the 12 banks on the list are Nigerian, while the other three are from other African countries or from beyond. Remember that under the Central Bank of Nigeria’s guidelines, Nigerian banks are still not permitted to process crypto-related transactions (CBN).
5. Over 100 Artist Registrated on LiveArtX
Artists in the LiveArtX Global 100 are invited to develop artworks that explore the HackARThon theme. The artwork can be in any form of media, graphic arts, animation, illustration, gaming, programming, or video.

The artworks will be presented in a curated exhibition in the LiveArtX metaverse gallery and sold on the Binance NFT Marketplace.
We hope you’ve learned from the latest BNB Updates.

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