Bobby Lee launches Ballet, crypto hardware wallet at Invest:Asia 2019

Ballet is a new crypto hardware wallet for the masses. It debuted at Invest: Asia 2019 today. The mastermind behind it, Bobby Lee is also the creator of the prominent Hong-Kong based BTCC exchange.

Bobby Lee, the founder of China’s first crypto exchange that a Hong Kong investment fund subsequently acquired. Now, he’s diving into a new project called the Ballet. Described as “simple and elegant,” the Ballet hard wallet aims to bring crypto “to billions worldwide.” The company is offering early bird benefits through its public beta program.

Lee made it clear that Ballet aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry. He emphasized that he’s been carefully listening to the feedback that he “received from friends and customers who used the popular exchanges, wallets, and mining pools I ran.” Once he had done that, he took this feedback into account and decided to create a “simpler and more elegant cryptocurrency storage solutions.” In other words, Ballet doesn’t require any special technical knowledge and that’s why it will be easy to drive adoption.
REAL is the name of Ballet’s first product. It gives users complete control of their
cryptocurrency private keys. It also allows them to access their funds regardless of changes in wallet technology. REAL wallets are credit card-shaped and made of stainless steel. Here is what they look like.
What’s more, is that REAL wallets are extremely easy to use. You don’t any setup or complicated account registrations. A free app enables the usage of Ballet product that supports various popular cryptocurrencies. Conceived in January 2019, Ribbit Capital financed its evolution.
Stay tuned as we cover more news from Invest: Asia 2019.
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