The Brave browser, an open-source internet browser created by Brave Software, has launched a public trial on MacOS for its ads program. The launch of the trial is part of a 28-day experiment that will see Brave collect users’ data in an attempt to test its ads system “with real-world browsing behavior.” The browser’s ads program has been under tests since June.

The Brave Browser is a fast, open source, and privacy-focused browser founded by Brendan Eich. Eich invented JavaScript while working for Netscape in the 1990s before leaving to co-found Mozilla. Brave blocks malvertisements and trackers. Furthermore, the browser contains a ledger system that anonymously captures user attention to accurately reward publishers. With the browser users are rewarded for their contents.

According to Brave’s announcement regarding the release, the collected data that is going to be shared includes users’ public IP addresses, the location associated with their WiFi networks, information on when the browser is being used, visited URLs, ad behavior and conversion rates, and more.

Important to know is that the collected data is reportedly not going to be shared with anyone outside of the company. Brave Software stated that the data will be deleted after 1 year and only “anonymized products of the data will be retained thereafter.” The announcement reads:

“We will process these personal data in the United States, using services certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, which provides safeguards intended to be equivalent to those provided in the EU.”

Users that signed up for the trial will be able to quit the experiment before the 28 days are over. In order to quit the trial, users only have to uninstall the experimental version of the browser or turn off their ads. The Brave browser is notably privacy-centric, as it removes trackers by default and has a built-in ad blocker.

Brave Browser rewards users with BAT, making it fairly different than other available browsers like Chrome and Safari. Through the browser, publishers are rewarded with more revenue because middlemen and fraud are reduced. Those who use the browser are served with fewer but better-targeted ads devoid of malware, while advertisers receive better data on their spending.

At the time of writing, Basic Attention Token (BAT) is trading at a price of $0,13 on CoinMarketCap.


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