The BRC-20 sector is catching a lot of attention. This sector has been on fire recently. Of course, with BRC-20 tokens, but also with Ordinals, SATS, and RATS. Bitcoin is having quite the ecosystem nowadays. BRC20X jumped onto this market and offers the first all-in-one BRC-20 solution. It has plenty of features to accommodate your BRC-20 journey.

So, we are taking a closer look at what BRC20X has to offer.

What Is BRC20X?

BRC20X is a platform built on the BRC-20 Layer 2 blockchain. In turn, the BRC-20 chain is built on top of Bitcoin. It is the first all-in-one BRC-20 solution. Hence, it offers plenty of interesting features. This should make it easier for you to join the BRC-20 market. Among these features are, for example,

  • X Cross-Chain Bridge — This bridge allows BRC-20 tokens to transfer to EVM chains and Solana. This works, of course, in both directions.
  • X Virtual Debit Cards. — This lets you shop in private and securely, with your crypto assets. 
  • Metal Debit Card — A physical version of their debit card is in the pipeline. This will be available in a metal and plastic version.
  • X Wallet — The launch of this wallet is imminent. It’s an app that functions as a wallet. It gives access to the various tools that the BRC20X platform offers. All tools are conveniently located in one place.
  • BRC-20 Fiat On- and Off-Ramp — This allows you to buy and cash out your BRC-20 and EVM tokens. Receive fiat without involving third parties.
  • Token revenue — Stake your $BRCX tokens and receive 50% of the platform’s revenue. You receive rewards in the $BRCX token.
  • BRC20X Staking Pools — Receive a juicy APY, currently at 126%. That’s besides receiving your 50% revenue share.

As you can see, plenty of activities and features are available. More features will be live soon.

The $BRCX Token

The $BRCX token is their native token. Currently, you can use it for staking. Once you stake your $BRCX token, you receive a staking and a revenue reward. The $BRCX token launched on 2nd May. Currently, it is available on Pancakeswap and MEXC.

The current $BRCX price is $0.03721. The Fully Diluted Valuation or FDV is $3.8 million. The max and total supply are 100 million $BRCX tokens. During the TGE (token generation event) the team managed to raise $2.19 million. This came from Seed, Private, KOL, and Public rounds. The team receives 8% of the token allocation. That’s a relatively small allocation. However, it also indicates that the team is not in it to make a quick buck.


Source: BRC20X Deck


This is an introduction article on the BRC20X platform. BRC20X is an all-in-one platform for all BRC-20 users. The platform also offers various BRC-20 related features. This lowers the threshold for onboarding the BRC-20 market. We looked among others at the platform and its $BRCX token. We will follow this up with a deep dive into the platform on our YouTube channel.



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