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Blockchain has emerged as a viable technology solution for businesses worldwide, showing to be a promising technology for dealing with complex issues. Therefore, the demand for blockchain developers has boosted in recent years.

However, not everyone has enough resources to develop and deploy smart contracts. Therefore, the Creator Network is closing that massive gap between people interested in creating dApps in the blockchain ecosystem but can’t pass through the learning curve for different reasons.

As a result, in this article, you will discover the latest version of Creator’s Mainnet that will give smart contracts more scalable and productive abilities to their users.

Three Optimized Features of the Latest Creator’s Mainnet

On December 31st, 2021, Creator will release its no-code smart contract mainnet, which has the following features:

  1. Four new token standards: Now, you can create tokens with the Binance Smart Chain standards. The BEP-20 are for cryptos, BEP-721 for NFTs, BEP-1155 for tokens inside the metaverse, and BEP-777 allows people to build extra functionality.
  2. Staking: In the staking platform, users can stake and earn $CTR  tokens in three pools. By the way, see this guide for more info on $CTR staking.
        1. No lock-up: With a 5% APR and a current staking pool valued at 6 million $CTR, users can participate by not having to lock their $CTR tokens.
        2. 90-day locked: In this option, users need to lock their $CTR tokens for 90 days to earn a 14% APR. Nowadays, this staking pool has gathered 300,000 $CTR tokens.
        3. 180-day locked: By staking $CTR tokens for 180 days, users can earn 28% APR. Currently, this staking pool has 896,000 $CTR tokens.
  3. Farming: In the farming platform, users can select 250% APY.

More About Creators Network

According to the roadmap, here are the milestones for the following months:

  • DeFi’s features.
  • Storage service.
  • NFT Marketplace (Test version)
  • UI for users (Test version)
  • Low Code dApp (Test version)

Moreover, Creator has developed its launchpad platform called KoiStarter, which we will provide a full-service token launch, including pre-marketing, token listing, staking, vesting, among other features.

Finally, anyone can buy the Creator’s native token, $CTR, in KyberSwap,, and UniSwap.

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