Cartesi (CTSI): Huge Upcoming Q2 Milestones

As the DeFi space continues to experience unprecedented growth, blockchain infrastructure platform, Cartesi (CTSI), is focused on harnessing the benefits embedded in this fast-rising space. It also hopes to help developers securely and easily create apps.

In line with this, Layer 2, off-chain, infrastructure platform Cartesi (CTSI) has also released details of huge development updates stated to take place in Q2 of 2021. These development updates include bug fixes, more testing on Cartesi Rollups, Noether’s PoS delegation system, etc.

Cartesi Development Updates in Details

Over the last couple of months, the entire Cartesi development team has been hard at work. Continuously carrying out testing and working to ensure all its proposed Q2 milestones are met.

First on the list of Cartesi development updates is:

  1. Cartesi Rollups

Continous testing of Cartesi Rollups is still ongoing. The rollups are governed by a special set of nodes on the Cartesi network. This month will witness the final testing and addition to this infrastructure. Cartesi in an official blog post also disclosed that a myriad of testing is still going on to ensure there are no overlooked problem points. Finishing touches like improvements to gas savings are also been included in the Cartesi Rollups.

2. Noether’s PoS Delegation System

Finishing touches, final testings, and, last-minute improvement to staking pool smart contract is part of the Noether’s PoS delegation system development updates.

Other Noether’s PoS delegation system updates include;

  • Combined testing with Noether’s pool node and Explorer. This involves the use of the Goerli test network.
  • Comprehensive audits (Internal and External).
  • Launch of pool management using Cartesi Explorer and Metamask.

Plans are also in place for the commencement of the testing phase of the fast-approaching public launch.

3. Rollup Machine Manager

This upgrade involved the completion of the gRPC interface. It also facilitated the commencement of the Rollup Machine Manager as well as the test client implementation.

4. Cartesi Machine

This upgrade involves bug fixes on the solidity machine and machine emulator. Work also commenced on the ‘[…] C wrapper for the Cartesi Machine C++ class.”

Cartesi Governance and Improvement Proposals have also been launched. Also, the continued implementation of CTSI decentralized poker games. All things being equal the complete Poker DApp technical article will be published at the end of the month.

Cartesi also recently partnered with IOTA and PAID Network.

CTSI Price

At the time of publication, CTSI was trading at $0.416651 with a 24-hour trading volume of $26,019,432. The token price is also down by 18.5% over the last 24 hours.

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