The blockchain infrastructure platform Cartesi (CTSI) is well-known for its focus on improving scalability in the decentralized technology space with its top-notch technology known as Optimistic Rollups.

The blockchain infrastructure Cartesi (CTSI) has been making waves in the blockchain and crypto space, with several important updates like the launch of its NOWPayment service, and its recent joining of the Blockchain Game Alliance. Thanks to its recently launched NOWPayment service, interested persons can use it to pay for their hosting with WHMCS. They can also shop with CTSI tokens at WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and Zen Cart e-shops.

Let’s look at 4 exciting upgrades further strengthening the Cartesi ecosystem.

1. How To Run a Noether Node

Want to earn some Cartesi (CTSI) as a reward? You might consider starting and operating a Noether Node. All you need to do is to create a Linode Virtual Private Server.

Don’t worry. It’s actually quite simple. You can find out all the details on how to set it up over here.

2. Cartesi Now a Member of the Blockchain Game Alliance

Remember the article we did earlier about how Cartesi can help this 88 year old grandpa win more money in online poker?

Now they are going one step further to bring to life the next generation of decentralized games by joining Blockchain Game Alliance. The BGame Alliance has been touted as a committee of top players focused on finding out new and innovative ways to create and build strong gaming communities.

Also, Cartesi has given its users a brief overview of its Texas HODL’em Poker MVP.

The YouTube video below throws more light on the MVP and what users should expect in the near future.

3. Cartesi (CTSI) Token Payments With NOWPayments

Carrying out transactions with Cartesi CTSI tokens will receive a boost due to the launch of the NOWPayment service. Now CTSI token can be used for payment on important merchant sites like Opencart, WooCommerce, ZenCart, etc.

If you like the idea, you can use Cartesi API for payments. You can pay salaries, transfer rebates, or even give or receive donations with Cartesi CTSI tokens.

The NOWPayment service will also facilitate the integration of Cartesi tokens as a payment option for merchant websites. The payment service also boasts of instant, cost-effective, and seamless payouts.

4. CTSI Igniter Grant

Cartesi’s Igniter Grant will drive global awareness and the subsequent adoption of Cartesi. It will help grow not only the Cartesi ecosystem but the entire blockchain and crypto space by supporting developers, community members, and companies to bring their ideas to life.

Cartesi has also been recently featured on our YouTube News. To find out more, just click on the video below.


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