Cartesi (CTSI) Rollups - Massive Adoption Expected

Machine manager for rollups, several Cartesi explorer UI improvements; bug fixes; Cartesi Improvement Proposals. These are some of the updates that took place on the Layer 2 optimistic rollups platform last month.

The month of April was a very busy one for the entire Cartesi (CTSI) team. According to the official May 2021 development recap publication on Medium, the team was actively occupied with realizing its Q2 2021 milestone on time. In line with this several exciting yet important updates were achieved in April 2021.

1. Noether Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Delegation System

According to the blog post, the first phase coding of the Noether Proof-of-Stake (PoS) delegation system has been completed. The front-end also received several adjustments and UI improvements. These features will make it easier for users to assign their stakes to pool managers.

Interestingly, the entire delegation system is still in the works, however, plans are in place to launch its testnet soon. Once internal testing is completed, the public mainnet launch is set to take place in Q2, 2021.

2. Cartesi Rollups

The development recap also mentioned several updates that took place with respect to Cartesi rollups. Coding of the “Output”, “Validator Manager”, and “Descartes V2” contracts were all completed.

3. Machine Manager for Rollups

Cartesi machine manager design and architecture decisions were also made, alongside progress with regards to API implementation. This therefore ensures top-notch support for Cartesi whenever a dispute arises.

4. CTSI Explorer UI Improvement

This includes improvements to Cartesi’s calculator UI, details on how to produce a block, data availability side-chain, and more. Additionally, it also features a number of bug fixes and other improvements to the machine.

About Cartesi (CTSI)

Cartesi is known as the project that is taking smart-contracts to new levels. The Layer 2 platform is looking to solve a major issue plaguing most blockchain: scalability. The platform employs a variety of optimistic roll-ups and sidechains. This allows interested developers to program and develop their smart-contracts utilizing conventional software; with zero risks to both security and privacy.

The Layer 2 platform native token CTSI was listed as a payment method on Binance Pay and last month.

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CTSI Price

At the time of publication, CTSI was trading at $0.866884. It currently has a market cap of $269,328,662 and a 24-hour trading volume of $78,438,566.

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