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Cartesi is in the middle of rebranding their platform to the Blockchain OS. It is a busy time for the project with many new developments. One of their focus points is to upgrade their core technology. This is part of how they are building long-term value for their CTSI token.

Another point they focus on is partnering with educational institutions. Furthermore, they are also aiming at corporate associations. This will bring the Cartesi Blockchain OS to the attention of a wider audience. Let’s take a look at what is currently brewing at Cartesi, the Blockchain OS.


Source: Cartesi website

How to Build Long-Term Value For CTSI?

Cartesi is looking for ways to get more people involved in the Blockchain OS. They have a  simple, yet effective strategy to achieve this. More people building dApps with their OS brings more stability and value to their token. You can read up here on our article about their rebranding.

In the meantime, we look into various ways how they want to achieve this. Here are some samples:

Partnerships with educational institutions and corporate associations.

The idea behind these partnerships is to give more exposure to the Blockchain OS. More people will build dApps with Cartesi this way. This will stimulate adoption between corporates. For instance, via memberships in associations.

  • Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain (Portuguese Blockchain Alliance)—This is a non-profit organization. Members include Binance, Microsoft, and Vodafone among others. Portugal, and especially Lisbon, is turning into a crypto hub. The alliance provides access to a wide range of opportunities to spread the use of the Blockchain OS. More developers will gain access to the OS.
  • Instituto de Pesquisa Aplicada Alan Turing (INPETU)—OS access for professors, undergraduates, and graduate students. They can build dApps on the OS and give valuable feedback. An Institute of Computing team at Fluminense Federal University (UFF) is at the helm of this.

Bitstamp Lists the CTSI Token

Bitstamp is one of the oldest, most respected exchanges. It dates back to 2011 with 4 million users. They have a presence in over 100 countries. They offer staking, bank-grade security, and 24/7 customer service. In short, a great addition for the CTSI token. 

Partnership With CV Labs

This gives access to Crypto Valley. You can find this area between Zug in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It hosts no less than 1100 major blockchain projects and counting. Furthermore, they also have developers in South Africa.

Their ecosystem counts over 900 companies and startups. Cartesi, the Blockchain OS, will be the go-to dApp solution. More projects building on and with OS will secure lots of feedback and exposure to more developers.

Best Performing Blockchain Project in 2022

The CV VC Global Report features Cartesi, the Blockchain OS. They list them as a top-performing blockchain project.

Upgrading the Cartesi Core Technology

This is the second major way how Cartesi wants to build long-term value for the CTSI token. Let’s have a look at how they plan to do this.

  • Various major technology upgradesThis involves the Cartesi Machine. Groundbreaking technology offering runtime for dApps. However, the team built this with mainstream software. Furthermore, the Cartesi Roll-Ups are part of this. These create scalable dApps. And last but not least, Noether. This is Cartesi’s sidechain, and it saw an upgrade to PoS 2.0.
  • An update on the Cartesi Roll-Ups AlphaThey can bring a full database for SQL. As a result, you can build dApps easier and faster. This is also the first Roll-Ups Alpha using C++. In addition, they are opening up to more programming languages. This will in turn attract more developers. Developers can ramp up faster with a language they already know instead of having to learn Solidity.

  • Locus Software Experiences Working With Blockchain OSTheir developers are using the Blockchain OS. During their work, it surprised them how fast they can build dApps with the OS. Their findings mention that all documentation is easy to understand. Furthermore, it is also thorough. This helps to make the onboarding easier. As a result, their developers see a bright future for the Blockchain OS. Some of them even started to buy the CTSI token.

The Cartesi team is working hard to create long-lasting value for their CTSI token. They are working on a variety of solutions to achieve this. These include:

  • strategic partnerships with educational institutions and corporate associations
  • and upgrading the Cartesi core technology.

This gives developers a chance to try the OS before making any huge commitments. And most that try it end up using it.

As a result, this makes the CTSI token more valuable in the marketplace.

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