Casa launches a new node

Popular New York security company Casa has launched a new product. Its name is Casa node 2: it’s an upgraded version of its original pre-synced Bitcoin (BTC) and lightning full node product.

According to a blog post, Casa Node 2 creates a fast and seamless Bitcoin and Lightning experience. This is because it adopts a faster processor, 4GB RAM and a 1TB solid state drive. Several updates were also added to its NodeOS operating system.  

The node 2 is even better

The Casa Node is basically a Do-it-Yourself [DIY] easy Bitcoin and Lightning node. Users can set it up without prior knowledge of coding. Weekly Rewards are allocated when users validate the blockchain either with the Sats App or Node Heartbeat.

In the announcement, the company pointed out that its original node was a great invention, however, this upgrade is way better. It also added that it has set its sights on more and improving its hardware is the first step toward the achievement of these goals. Besides, it stated that interested users can pre-order early upgrades to Casa Node 2.

The upgrade has a more efficient CPU, larger memory and better storage. The Node 2 will cost $399 annually, however, existing members will pay only $300 annually. They will also receive the new node for free.

Besides, Casa unveiled NodeOS most recent version. It has an upgraded design and a dark mode.

Self-hosted, payment processor BTCPay Server, is also live on the new node. It will enable users to receive payments directly to their machines. The company promises the inclusion of more apps in the near future. Earlier this month the company also launched Sats App, which is a companion mobile app to Casa Node.

In August, Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee disclosed that he had been investing in Casa. He added he believes in the company’s ultimate goal.



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