Community Advocate Program is launched. Chainlink is inviting advocates from all over the world. Apply today to enjoy all the benefits.

Chainlink announced they have activated the Community Advocate Program on November 13. And they are inviting members of their community to apply for participation.

“Our goal is to have Chainlink advocates in countries all over the world. So If you can find a group of people interested in learning about connected smart contracts, we invite you to apply for our program.”

How do you become a Chainlink advocate? Simply by filling out the application form. And then the team will get in touch with the selected candidates. The official advocates will have access to a company channel. And they will participate in video conferences to discuss coming events. Hence, their duties will cover:

  • Host in-person community meetup events;
  • Manage partner/sponsor and speaker relationships;
  • Create content to keep your community engaged;
  • Provide mentorship to new members;
  • Serve as the local city advocate for visitors and team members;

So Chainlink aims to create a better online community with advocates.

What is a сommunity advocate program?

Advocates are the users who assign more value to your product or service than they actually spend. Thus, advocates can interact and engage by hosting online and offline events. This way, they can increase the company’s high-quality referral leads, act as strong sales references, and contribute to a higher customer lifetime value. Advocates are usually encouraged by a combination of incentives. These are exclusive bonuses, social recognition and access to a loyalty program.

Now, Chainlink is showing great progress. A number of recently announced partnerships makes it a powerful player in the crypto world. Recently, it contracted ZtakeCosmostationSNZPool, Prophet, and others.

With this support, LINK has surged by 20% over the last few days. And the tendency seems to continue.


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