ClayStack Releases Updates on the Staking Ecosystem

ClayStack recently announced that their developers are working towards launching their Alpha Platform.

As we await the launch, ClayStack has introduced #StakingWeekly, a weekly digest that brings news concerning the staking ecosystem. In its first edition, ClayStack shares some highlights on the latest news in the world of staking.

Cardano Experiences Upward Price Movement

In the last 90 days, Cardano (ADA) has witnessed a 645% growth in price. According to market cap, ADA has risen to become the fifth-largest cryptocurrency, moving ahead of Polkadot and XRP.

ADA set a new ATH of $1.48 on February 27 in anticipation of “Mary,” Cardano’s protocol upgrade. The upgrade brings native token functionality and multi-asset support.

Fantom Foundation Receives $35 Million Investment From Alameda Research

Fantom Foundation has received a $35 million investment from Alameda Research. This is a result of Alameda’s partnership with the Fantom Foundation. Alameda will collaborate with the Fantom Core team integrating Serum, Solana, Raydium, and other cross-chain products.

Furthermore, Alameda Research plans on running a validator node on top of the Fantom Opera mainnet. This will also help to improve the security of the network.

Elrond CEO Plans on Introducing 1 Billion People To Cryptocurrency

Elrond CEO Beniamin Mincu has plans of bringing one billion people into the cryptocurrency system. He is working towards the spread of blockchain adoption by focusing on an easy and simple user experience. Elrond plans on creating a blockchain-based financial system that can help people to send and receive money, no matter where they are located around the world.

“You might have the best technology, but if the user experience is terrible and there’s only a few people who can actually work with your technology, that’s a very sad situation,” says Beniamin Mincu. He also believes that sending and receiving money should be as easy as sending and receiving information.

Registrations End for TRON 2021 Global DeFi Hackathon Developer Contest

Registration has finally ended for the TRON 2021 Global DeFi Hackathon developer contest. The goal of this contest is to help entrepreneurs and developers to build and diversify solutions for the TRON DeFi ecosystem. However, the network says it will be open to more registrations during the development phase that runs from March 8, 2021, through May 1, 2021.

All contestants are to develop an open-source DeFi project on the TRON network. Those who would be able to finish the project before the deadline would become eligible to win one of the four prizes in the contest’s prize pool worth a cool $10 million. See full details here.

Before now, Mohak Agarwal, the CEO of ClayStack, spoke about the challenges associated with staking crypto and how ClayStack addresses these challenges.

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