Coinbase Custody

Institutional-grade storage platform, Coinbase Custody has taken bold steps in expanding its coverage.

Coinbase Custody remains one of the pioneering platforms for institutional-grade storage services for different kinds of investors. The platform announced the opening of its first European office in Dublin, a major city in Ireland.

Besides, it appears that the platform makes this step in an attempt to proliferate into the industrial domains. As well as, to expand operational capabilities, and strengthen its position in the sub-continent.

Based on reports, following the launch, all the staking operations provided by Coinbase now falls under the control of Coinbase Custody International. Notably, the investors involved in the staking process have been promised crypto rewards for securing proof-of-Stake networks, and this restrains the investors hailing from outside the US not to stake with US-based firms.

Additionally, the company hasn’t totally resolved the tax implication that follows the launch.

About Coinbase Custody

After two years in operation, Coinbase Custody International reportedly aims to become the most trusted and most secure crypto custodian. The platform plans to reach this goal by offering a wide range of services that give investors opportunities to make investments in the crypto industry.

Additionally, with its team of experts, the platform made a strong presence in the European market. Therefore, giving the platform a strong customer base in the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany. The creation of the International office in Dublin has created more opportunities for custodian service providers.

The platform claims it’ll comply with the European regulatory framework and guidelines as it provides for investors needs. The entity also claims it’ll offer services to its customers round the clock. Therefore, ensuring the best results as well as increased trust amongst customers towards the network.

The market awareness of the local staff accompanied by its custodian services actually benefits the creation of the Coinbase Custody International.

To remind, Coinbase Custody revealed plans to launch Tezos cold storage staking services for institutional customers.


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