Coinbase Pro disappoints NYC DASH traders

DASH trading begins on Coinbase Pro at 9 AM PST on September 17. But the traders can start depositing the coin 12 hours prior to the full trading event. It seems a conditional launch that has ebbed the community excitement.

One of the major criteria for the trading to begin is the coin liquidity. Unless there is a sufficient supply of DASH, the trading support will not initiate. As a US-based exchange, Coinbase Pro has disappointed some of the traders. Unfortunately, both NYC and United Kingdom do not happen to be on the jurisdiction list.
It is noteworthy that the coin support is not yet available on consumer mobile apps or Both the jurisdiction additions and further support updates will have to wait.

The Four Phases of the DASH support launch

1. Transfer-only- The phase starts on Monday, September 16 and for exact timing, the users need to keep a tab on CoinbasePro Twitter account.
2. Post-only-At the second stage, the customers will be able to post limit orders with no matches.
3. Limit-only.This is where the user limit orders will start matching. But no market orders can be submitted at this stage.
4. Full trading. At the final stage the customers will be able to limit, market, and stop the orders.
According to the official post, Coinbase Pro will not provide optional speed and privacy features of the coin to begin with. Previously, we covered DASH performance updates as it became the most used coin at Anypay points.


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