Coinbase has announced their next group of additions to their Coinbase Pro platform. They are EOS, Augur’s REP, and MakerDAO’s MKR.

Coinbase is once again expanding their coin options on the Coinbase Pro platform. In a post on Medium, they announced the addition of EOS, REP, and MKR. On April 8th after 12 pm PT, users are able to deposit those coins in their wallets. Once Coinbase determines there is sufficient liquidity, trading will begin.

The coins will be supported in the following regions and pairs:

EOS-USD, EOS-EUR, EOS-BTC (all Coinbase-supported regions excluding NY)

REP-USD, REP-EUR, REP-BTC (all Coinbase-supported regions excluding NY)

MKR-BTC, MKR-USDC (all Coinbase-supported regions outside the US)

Below is a quick overview of each of the coins:

EOS is a cryptocurrency that is aiming to compete with Ethereum as a DApp platform. It is currently the number six cryptocurrency by market cap ($4.96 billion) and has a price of $5.47 per coin.

Augur is an Ethereum based token designed for prediction markets (essentially betting on an outcome of a specified event). It is currently the number 35 cryptocurrency by market cap ($235.03 million) and has a price of $21.37 per REP token.

MakerDAO is an Ethereum utility token whose purpose is to manage DAI (the stable token on the network) through the MKR token. It is currently the number 19 cryptocurrency by market cap ($717.98) and has a price of $717.98 per MKR token.

Back in December 2018, Coinbase announced they are looking into a bunch of different cryptocurrencies to possibly add to their platform. Of the 30 tokens, they have done a pretty good job of continuously holding up their promise to cover as much of the market as they can. Look to see more coins/tokens added in the coming weeks and months.


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