CoinGecko enters DeFi with “How to DeFi” and “Earn”

You have been hearing about Decentralized Finance (DeFi) for quite some time. You might have also been avoiding the segment, thinking it is complex. Coingecko’s new book “How to DeFi” simplifies the segment and will surely trigger your interest in DeFi. “Coingecko Earn” presents simple analytics tools. This allows you to take your first step in DeFi.

So, what is CoinGecko trying to tell in its new book titled “How to DeFi”? While you were waiting and watching, DeFi has moved by leaps and bounds. According to DefiPulse, “the DeFi ecosystem has grown approximately 15 times in the past 2 years. In February 2020, approximately 3 million ether worth $1 billion was locked in DeFi applications with lending products leading growth in this sector.”

Did you know?

  1. You can take loans without going to a physical bank?
  2. You can insure your smart contracts through decentralized insurance?
  3. There is a blockchain-based lottery system?

“How to DeFi”

How to DeFi

CoinGecko’s book targets beginners interested in learning more about the fast-growing DeFi ecosystem. This book was written by their 7-member research team. “How to DeFi” is concise and comprehensive.

  • Explains to you various DeFi offerings
  • Introduces top DeFi projects
  • Provides a step-by-step guide to each project
  • Provides a high-level technical architecture of each project
  • Collated links to important knowledge sources

The 200-page book also picks up the most advanced projects in the ecosystem for review. It is a good first step to learning about this segment and will leave you wanting for more.

The book costs $14.99 and is available for purchase on CoinGecko and Amazon. But you know what! CoinGecko is offering this book for free digital downloads during the first month of publication. The offer is valid until 30 April 2020!

You can get your copy here.

CoinGecko Earn

CoinGecko Earn aggregates data from major DeFi platforms. It is a newly-launched section on their website providing an overview of the various lending platforms with information on return rates, security audit records, DeFi risk scores, and more. CoinGecko Earn currently displays data for over 50 cryptocurrencies from both centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency lending platforms.

CoinGecko will expand its CoinGecko Earn datasets soon to include more lending platforms and will also include staking data. Earn data will be made available on its freely accessible public API and also their mobile app.

CoinGecko Earn – DAI page

CoinGecko Earn – BTC page

You can also get an understanding of the DeFi ecosystem and some of its top projects by reading our 2-part series on the subject.


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