CoinGecko Launches ‘NFT Spotlight’ Platform to Promote Crypto Artists

In a move to continue raising awareness of art to the wider crypto community, leading independent data aggregator CoinGecko has announced the launch of “NFT Spotlight,” an NFT platform that would focus on crypto artists.

CoinGecko disclosed that the new NFT Spotlight is aimed at tackling the longstanding issues in the art space by creating a new connection between artists and the wider crypto audience. In essence, the platform seeks to “democratize art appreciation.”

According to the data aggregator platform, it would work directly with crypto artists to promote their art. As well as provide a platform that enables them showcase their backstory and finest work. Overall, one of the platform’s goals is to connect artists with a wide, diverse audience.

As CoinGecko states, “If the artist is completely new to crypto, NFT Spotlight is the launchpad of choice for them to launch their starting editions targeted at the crypto audience. If the artist is already a crypto native, NFT Spotlight provides more ways for them to connect with more audiences.”

CoinGecko, who in its Q1 2021 report, revealed that the NFT market cap recently hit $27.9 billion as of April 1st, 2021, further reiterated that the new initiative would focus on three main aspects:

  • Democratize art appreciation by highlighting the work and story that goes behind the creative process.
  • Assist artists in connecting with more audiences through the CoinGecko community.
  • Provide artists with a medium to distribute artwork to a wider variety of audiences, not just professional collectors or whales.

CoinGecko co-founder and CEO TM Lee, via his official Twitter account, expressed his excitement with the new initiative. He said he was excited to make fine arts accessible to more people through a collaboration with artist Sven Eberwein.

CoinGecko Teams up With Sven Eberwein

CoinGecko announced Sven Eberwein as the first participant to join the data aggregator NFT Spotlight project. Sven Eberwein is a U.S.-based new media artist and digital design modeler at Tesla.

Noting that Eberwein is an exceptional digital artist who is making waves in the NFT space, CoinGecko stated that he had created three artworks (NFTs) depicting a gecko. The Legendary NFT (one of one) was auctioned on NFT marketplace OpenSea for $27,132.10. CoinGecko users were able to snag one of the five Rare and 1000 Common NFTs by using the platform’s candies.


Speaking on the collaboration with CoinGecko, Sven Eberwein, who also took to his Twitter account, said, “I’m super happy I could bring this project to life with the whole CoinGecko team.”

He also disclosed that all proceeds from the auction would be used to cover transaction and minting fees, with the rest donated to to support the NFT space further, as well as to groups in need outside the crypto space with the help of The Giving Block.

It is important to note that there other artists currently also making waves in the NFT space. Beeple has the highest selling NFT ever for his “Everyday: the First 5000 Days” piece which sold for $69 million at Christie’s auction house. Damian Hurst, CryptoPunks, Sorare, amongst others, are also making significant impacts in the NFT space.

NFT Market Cap

At time of publication, the NFT tokens market cap was at $21,134,263,570, with a total trading volume of $2,319,377,889 in the last 24 hours.

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