CoinMarketCap aims to improve accessible features. Hence, it has launched a new product named Interest by CoinMarketCap.

According to reports, Interest by CoinMarketCap will help rank reputed crypto-asset lending platforms. Essentially, it will follow the interest rates provided by each platform.

The new CoinMarketCap product will operate in a similar manner to the current one. However, the only difference will be that the crypto assets will be ranked based on interest rates. That’s the rate in which borrowers and lenders will be entitled to pay or earn respectively from the lending platforms.

Accordingly, Interest by CoinMarketCap will commence operations with thirty-three digital assets. Amongst them are popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. More crypto assets will be added in the future.

Importantly, the product renders a one-stop solution for first-time and existing investors. Thus, they can get key information about saving, earning, and trading of their digital coins and tokens.

In addition, the product exposes investors to crucial facts about the virtual assets including their lending and borrowing solutions. As well as, yearly interest rates, the least time period before returns, the beginning time of deposit services, and more.

It can be inferred that CoinMarketCap is trying to improve users’ confidence in their ratings. Recently, in a report, the Blockchain Transparency in (BTI) accused CoinMarketCap of listing scam exchanges. But, amongst the different forward steps, CoinMarketCap announced its first large scale conference called “The Capital.” It will take place in Singapore.

More about CoinMarketCap

Leading crypto rating website, CoinMarketCap offers financial analytics services and graphs.

Its new product, Interest by CoinMarketCap categorizes digital assets based on their ranks on the CoinMarketCap portal. The platform offers an array of different digital coins and tokens which can be found on the left-hand side of the page.


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