AMA Summary: A look into the new year

Kris Marszalek, CEO of, has answered the most pressing questions the community has. 

In its latest AMA on Twitter, answered about 50 questions. Here is a roundup of what unfolded during the AMA.

Changes throughout the year
  • User base grew 5x;
  • MCO staked grew 3x;
  • from 100 to over 200 employees;
  • Up to 5% cashback, Spotify and other card benefits;
  • Fiat in and out;
  • Crypto earn;
  • Crypto credit;
  • exchange.
MCO card
  • On track to release EU cards in Q1;
  • In progress for Canada;
  • Switzerland will receive cards in Q1;
  • Australia will have cards in 2020 but no date/month is confirmed;
  • MCO private is on hold;
  • US Debit card top-up is being worked on;
  • DAI & USDC card top-up as well;
  • Elimination of credit card fees for purchasing crypto in progress. Exchange
  • Mobile/app website to be worked on in Q1 2020;
  • Stop-limit functions to be added into the exchange (no exact timeline for this);
  • US residents will be able to use the exchange in Q1. App
  • Q1 for noncustodial wallet;
  • EOS listing very soon;
  • Working on Apple Pay and Samsung Pay;
  • Corporate lending offering next year which can also do through APIs.
Crypto Credit
  • Filed for an EMI license in Europe;
  • Working on a license in the US;
  • Going to acquire lending licenses to carry out fiat lending;
Crypto Earn
  • Expect EOS to have more utility on the platform this month.
Crypto Invest
  • Expect big changes in the first quarter of next year. Pay
  • Look out for the next two weeks for gift cards. Big stuff is happening;
  • Continue adding merchants to CRO Pay;
  • Mainnet launch next year;
  • Check with the team on a Directed Acyclic Graph(DAG) to build their chain.
  • Shipping to EU customers in early Q1;
  • Continue to add more markets;
  • Syndicate program is now on the exchange;
  • Participating in large scale cryptocurrency events in the first half of 2020;
  • Billboard campaign that will be going around the US, then Europe.
Answers to the community’s questions
  • Paying bills through the app isn’t on the roadmap yet;
  • No date for TRX listing;
  • Looking to partner with multiple vendors in regard to tax solutions for US customers;
  • No official announcement of APAX expansion due to Visa rules;
  • doesn’t make money on the FX. It provides the best Visa wholesale rate without any markup;
  • Expects to be fully profitable in 2020;
  • Removal of the minimum transfer/card top-ups hopefully in the next Q&A session;
  • Won’t be adding travel insurance as a perk to cards;
  • Will look to support additional cardholders on one account;
  • Won’t have any physical locations for customer service;
  • ACH withdrawal for US customers to happen next year;
  • In talks to increase annual card top-up limit;
  • Xfers for Singapore to be released in December 2019;
  • New stuff coming to the official store next year;

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