AMA Summary: November Looks Good

Kris Marszalek from held the October AMA session. November is looking good, according to him. is speeding up. Plenty of great news is readily awaiting the community next month. The 40minute AMA session was held on Twitter and we have made a summary for you.

Milestones & highlights
  • 10million MCO staked in the app.
  • The team has grown to 205 members.
  • Available in 49 states in the US except for New York.
  • Testnet successfully launched.
  • The first branding campaign (TimeForPlanB) went live in San Francisco.
  • Announced a huge list of CRO validators to participate in their mainnet including some of the industry biggest like Huobi.
  • Integrated PAY with WooCommerce. 500,000 merchants right now can process transactions using PAY.
  • More top-up options for their users of the card in the US.
  • The first fiat out is done and waiting for the android app to be approved. Expect this update to be live next week.
  • Price alerts for BTC.
Sneak Peek into November

There are 3 things to look forward to in November as Kris mentioned. He didn’t give specific details. We will have to wait for November to find out more.

  1. Card update for both EU and APEC.
  2. A new roadmap is coming up. In ten months, they struck off the majority of the things on the current roadmap. Lots of exciting stuff to be shared on what’s in for 2020 and beyond.
  3. A new product launch is coming.

Q: Any updates on EU release status?
A: Overall, it is likely to slip towards Q1 next year and the best estimate is by the end of January.

Q: What is the EU dispatch plan?
A: It is to release to one country first with a couple of hundred cards as a test. Afterwhich, releasing to all the other countries once they have confirmed everything is fine.

Q: Will there be repercussions for the launch in England because of Brexit?
A: works with Wirecard so Brexit won’t have any effect on their launch.

Q: Will cashback and benefits be the same for the EU as for other regions?
A: Yes.

Q: For APEC release which countries are excluded?
A: Confirmed wouldn’t be able to do Malaysia and Indonesia. The rest is country by country review.

Q: Australia status

A: Currently dealing with cross border and local cards setup with obtaining local licenses. Getting local top-up done so your Australian dollars will be held in a local institution in Australia.

Q: Will you launch in Africa and South America?
A: Look forward to’s new roadmap in November. It will shed more light on their global card rollout.

Q: Any update for Singapore direct fiat top-up?
A: The first one is going to come as a debit card then Xfers. More details released in November.

Q: Regarding EU card fiat top-up, will there be a bank transfer option?
A: Yes, both Fiat in and out for Europe. Out is going live very soon.

Q: Any plans to increase the card limit? $25k a month is not enough for some users.
A: Don’t spend so much money and invest that money in BTC. $25k a month is a lot to spend. Jokes aside, I don’t have an immediate plan to increase it.

Q: Does the Visa freeze time influence you?
A: Not at all. They are monitoring this super closely so no one gets impacted by this.

Q: Update on app private key status?
A: Working on a non-custodial wallet where users will be able to hold their own keys. Probably 6 months from now.

Q: Dust conversion status?

A: Will release ASAP can’t confirm any datelines for this.

Q: Any news on Samsung and Android pay?
A: In the works. I will have some news about Apple pay in some regions very soon.

Q: Will have MCO staking for friends and family or for other people?
A: Will look to implement this feature some point next year.

Q: New York status?

A: Don’t have any date for this. New York is the most complicated state in the US to launch.

Q: When will crypto credit be available in the US?
A: Currently working on obtaining licenses there and will take some time.

Q: Enhancement of UI. When you have multiple deposits of crypto it is hard to see each deposit of crypto.
A: An excellent idea that will be carried out.

Q: Stablecoin pegged to Euro in earn?
A: There isn’t a good stablecoin to introduce and are open to suggestions from the community.

Q: Will one day completely replace my bank account?
A: Of course, there is no doubt about that.

Q: Can we look forward to limit orders in the app?
A: This will be implemented at some point.

Q: Why is PAXG chosen over Digix?

A: They have a long-standing relationship with Paxos.

Q: When can users change their portfolio in invest?
A: Likely to slip to Q1 2020.

Q: When will other blockchain integrations happen?
A: There will be some coming in November and December.

Q: What’s your strategy for the remaining 50% MCO pool?

Q: Are there any plans to offer perks to ICO investors?
A: Working on something special (token of appreciation).

Q: What’s the next city for TimeForPlanB?
A: Looking at 5-6 cities and people will definitely see more billboards in the US. Probably look to skip the Christmas Season due to advertising cost and start in early Q1.

The previous AMA is available here.


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