September AMA Summary

Today, Kris Marszalek from, held an AMA session. He discussed many things and made highly peculiar statements. is in the loop. The company has attended the Invest: Asia 2019 forum held in Singapore and shared some details with Altcoin Buzz. And yet this is not all. The company’s CEO, Kris Marszalek, held a separate session on Twitter. Here are some takeaways:

What’s new?
  1. Personalized messages will be sent out to all the users
  2. The app has been downloaded 900 000 times
  3. New features are coming around soon, for instance, price alerts
  4. Public test net is also arriving soon
  5. Top up minimum will be 1 cent only!
  6. Crypto credit will go live in the U.S
  7. They will be adding more stablecoins but only if the company ensures that its compliance
  8. ICY card is coming to Singapore next week
U.S. and EU expansion
  1. The company is content with its expansion in the US
  2. The platform may enter the EU countries at once
You’re about to control your privacy
  1. Private keys will be handed over in 6-9 months.
  2. Plus, the company enjoys the highest level of security
Any new tokens?
  1. It’s not planning to trade security tokens any time soon
  2. It’s not planning to trade commodities
No insurance just yet

No insurance companies are ready to offer the type the crypto users expect. Companies who talk about insurance are mostly doing it for marketing purposes.

How about the moon?
  1. “We don’t want to talk about moon stopover before we actually stopover on the moon.”
  2. Besides, it can afford to pay high rates. Why? The average capital cost across the portfolio is low. That enables payments.
Can I transfer more than 10 BTC?
  1. It’s possible if you contact the team and they’ll review it.
What can you do?
  1. The company welcomes all suggestions on the Midnight blue card.
  2. To avoid the 3.5% use bank transfers
Fulfilling its plans

According to Marszalek, the company values its community and is always ready to answer even more questions. He also added that the company isn’t planning to share stats and too much information. Why? Because of competition.

Overall, it should be noted that is sticking to its promises. For instance, in June, during another AMA Marszalek said that Singapore will have to wait for ICY. In fact, it took him around four months to complete the promise. But it’s obvious that this is not the end. will continue delivering a top-notch service for its customers.

Read more here.

P.S. Marszalek made it clear: the 2017 type of market isn’t coming back. Don’t count on it. But the market is in a very healthy place.


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