Pay Enables CRO Payments from ERC-20 Wallet

Leading cryptocurrency platform has announced that its payment solution for online clients, Pay, now supports CRO payments from any ERC-20 wallet. Pay, via an official blog post, noted that the new initiative would enable merchants to attract more clients. The initiative will increase their reach by providing users with more wallet options to spend CRO and as well as increasing trade volume.

Furthermore, the payment platform disclosed that there are currently more than 30 million ERC-20 wallets across the crypto industry globally. This wallet amount total creates a massive potential market for merchants seeking to attract crypto users to their websites. If properly utilized, it would also lead to an increase in the adoption of digital currency.

While addressing the new support for CRO payments from any ERC-20 wallet, Kris Marszalek, co-founder and CEO of, noted that the new initiative would take the crypto payment platform to the next level.

According to him, any client with an ERC-20 wallet can now trade with Pay merchants, benefiting from its current large customer base. He added that the enhancement would lead to further widespread adoption of CRO. Pay to facilitate users’ transactions with its merchants

The Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency payment platform noted that since launching Pay in 2018, it has helped several merchants such as Ledger, Coinzilla, and many others to tap into the global crypto market. Pay has also enabled them to accept digital currency on their platforms.

Steve Hipwell, co-founder and COO of, expressed his excitement with the new initiative and said it would increase crypto adoption. He noted that the initiative makes it easier for users to pay for bookings. Such a circumstance brings the world one step closer towards massive crypto adoption.

Also, BenoƮt Pellevoizin, VP of Marketing at Ledger, states that Ledger is excited to partner with to support CRO tokens on its platform. She noted that the new feature will enable users pay in CRO ERC-20 tokens with Ledger Live on its websites.

Notably, Pay charges nothing for transactions. It also charges only 0.5% for settlements with very low volatility and simple integration for merchants. appoints Nobuyuki Nagahama as general manager

In related news, the leading crypto payment platform announced Nobuyuki Nagahama as the general manager of Japan. He is bringing to the team over two decades of strategic business experience in payments, consulting, and technology startups.

Notably, Nagahama will be in charge of all operations in Japan. His aim is to boost the exchange in terms of adoption as well as popularity in the Asian region.

Marszalek said Nagahama was hired due to his strong background within the Japanese market and payments space. He also noted that Nagahama’s experience was valuable and a perfect fit for His expertise will be tapped to expanding the leading cryptocurrency payments ecosystem into the large Japanese market.


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