Unveils Croeseid Testnet recently introduced their latest testnet, which is named Croeseid.

The name of “Croeseid” for the new testnet was coined from the very first gold and silver bimetallic coin in the world.

This bimetallic coin established the spread of coinage across the ancient world. The significance of the coin is also in line with’s mission to boost the spread of cryptocurrency adoption around the world.

Croeseid Leverages Tendermint for Networking

The Croeseid testnet will leverage Tendermint for its networking. This means that Tendermint is being used as the consensus engine and network for the Croeseid network. Tendermint has gained a reputation as one of the most mature Byzantine-fault tolerant (BFT) consensus engines that have been used for developing proof-of-stake systems. Also, it is a reliable engine that helps in the management of P2P connections and networks. As it pertains to the account model, the Croeseid testnet makes use of a simplified account model. With this model, users only have to manage a single account address, which is used for both staking operations and transfers.

Exciting Features on the Croeseid Testnet

The Croeseid testnet has many new and exciting features. It is no news that Cosmos SDK has a standard of block and transaction format that is well developed. In addition to the transfer and validator participation feature, governance modules and delegation of stake have been enabled in this latest Croeseid testnet. With these features, Chain’s self-autonomy have been increased.

This latest Chain Croeseid testnet also has a very easy procedure for node setup. To begin all necessary services, all you have to do is run a single executable file. To set up a node that connects to’s public testnet, only a few steps are required. These steps include installation, initialization, genesis file download, and two more steps for node configuration.

Leveraging on the Cosmos SDK has helped in the provision of convenient integrations for partners and developers. Currently, only a single binary file is now required to work across multiple platforms such as Linux, MacOS, or Windows. The testnet node can also be deployed in most cloud vendors as the SGX requirement is now optional.

Update on Block Explorer

To support the latest Croeseid testnet, has updated its block explorer. The block explorer is based on’s existing user-friendly interface. In this case, however, the details have been updated, and the new features available on the testnet are now being displayed for easy recognition and access.

As part of the new features, there has been a slight update on the transaction view. With this update, users will be quickly notified about messages included in their transactions. The view can also be adjusted so that the message details of your interest can be given priority.

On this new testnet, the block explorer already gives support to all transactions and message types available therein. In the coming weeks, the team will introduce more exciting features to the testnet. Some of those features will include a council node up-time and introduction of an account view to the explorer.

Ledger App Now Available To Manage Assets

The Ledger Hardware Wallet can be used by consumers to help them manage their testnet CRO assets in a secure manner. With the features of the Ledger app, it can be used to generate addresses and sign all supported transaction types. For instructions on the installation process for the Ledger app and how it can be used with the Croeseid testnet, check here.

It is pertinent to note that the application is currently in its beta stage. Therefore, it is only applicable to the Chain Croeseid testnet.

Though the Croeseid testnet has been running since October, the team is inviting all its users to experience the exciting features made available on the testnet. Contributions are also welcomed as this will help the ecosystem to grow and improve the Chain. You can find the source code here and the setup guides here.

In other news, also announced its partnership with WalletConnect. Also, recently received the highest tier rating for both the cybersecurity and privacy NIST frameworks – the “Adaptive (Tier 4)” rating.

As of the time of publication, Coin (CRO) price was $0.060548 with a 24-hour trading volume of $34,760,603. CRO price also went up 2.2% over the last 24 hours. It also has a circulating supply of 22.159 billion coins and a max supply of 100 billion coins. is currently the most active market trading it.

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