The cryptocurrency space this year has experienced explosive growth and is not slowing as more projects and platforms continue to roll out different initiatives.

In another sign of growth, leading crypto data analysis platform DappRadar announces the launch of its native token called $RADAR. Announcing the launch, DappRadar notes that $RADAR will have no pre-sale but they will airdrop to its loyal users.

DappRadar disclosed that the new token is built on Ethereum network and they are planning to bridge to other chains. The firm also announced that the new token will give its users influence over the platform.

Also, the Lithuania-based data analysis platform noted that $RADAR will give users access to certain features on the DappRadar platform. These features include:

  • Access to DappRadar premium features
  • Staking and governance for the new DappRadar DAO
  • Payment of service on the platform
  • Participating in rewards on the platform, among other features.

With these features, DappRadar aims to solidify itself as the go-to place for dApps in the blockchain space.

$RADAR To Facilitate DappRadar’s Contribute2Earn Initiative

DappRadar also aims to use the new token to bridge the gap between dApp creators, its platform, and end-users. The token will facilitate a decentralized community contribution process ‘Contribute2Earn’.

Contribute2Earn is an initiative that rewards users with $RADAR for contributing and finding dApps with high potential to include in the World’s dApp store.

Skirmantas Januškas, co-founder and CEO of DappRadar in a statement expressed delight with the launch of the token. He noted that $RADAR was launched to reward their long-time users, invariably granting them influence over the platform.

“We decided to drop the RADAR token not only to DappRadar users but to long-term dApp users too, regardless of whether they’ve used our platform. This is because we view the dApp community holistically and are working towards a future that’s good for all dApp users,” Januškas said.

More About DappRadar

DappRadar is a Lithuania-based crypto data analysis platform that was founded in 2018. The platform currently supports over 1 million monthly users and 9,000 dapps listed across more than 30 blockchains.

The platform also provides users with a portfolio management mechanism that helps track the performance of their assets. Also, the platform offers the NFT and ERC-20 explorer, which help users find new tokens.

$RADAR Price Update

Since it launched a couple of hours ago $RADAR started on a great note, rising by a whopping 10%. The token at the time of publication was trading at $0.03100397 with a 24-hour trading volume of $5,719,867.

It is also worth noting that since its launch $RADAR has been listed by several top digital exchanges like;

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