3 coins that crypto whales are buying

Literally millions of dollars are being poured by crypto whales into these 3 altcoins. If you have been in crypto for a while you already know that “Whale accumulation” is followed by massive price pumps. 

But could this be just a pump dump or is there something major about to happen around these altcoins that crypto whales know but you dont know yet!

Token 3: $MATIC

Token number 3 on the whale’s list is Polygon. Polygon isn’t a stranger to most portfolios. So, it’s no surprise that whales are going crazy about it. But why Polygon? Many of you might ask. 

The answer might seem very straight forward. Polygon has one of the most complete DeFi ecosystems. Also, this chain has an impressive use case that makes it notable. But why are whales accumulating Polygon now and should you also do the same?

1) Partnerships with Web2 Giants

Polygon has several partnerships with web2 companies including Mastercard and Samsung. These collaboration gives it real-world usability. Reddit also decided to launch its NFTs on Polygon, taking advantage of its cheap fees and transaction speed.

2) The Anticipated Launch of Polygon ZK-EVM

Zero-knowledge (ZK) technologies have one of the biggest potential in blockchain. And they are not limited to scaling. ZK-powered technology will change different sectors from gaming to payments, and from digital identity to enterprise solutions. 

The industry is taking notice of this technology and 2023 seems to be the year it takes flight. So, polygon’s zkEVM is expected in early 2023. This technology has similar features to Ethereum such as support for developer tools, wallets, and existing smart contract. More projects will most likely adopt Polygon after the launch.

Polygon also has a huge fan base and supporting networks. Magic Eden supports Polygon alongside many others. This broad ecosystem puts Polygon at the center of DeFi activities. So, if you hold MATIC in your portfolio or you have been buying Matic recently. Let me know in the comments if you think MATIC will touch $1 in 2023 or Polygon’s DeFi ecosystem will explode.

Token 2: $CHZ

Next on our list is $CHZ token. $CHZ is the cryptocurrency of Chiliz, the company behind the Socios platform. Socios is basically a fan loyalty and rewards app that’s changing the sports fan experience. Socios offers official fan tokens for different sports teams. 

The $CHZ token is an ERC-20 token. It runs o its own Ethereum sidechain. So, $CHZ serves as a currency to buy NFTs at Chiliz’ Socios fan token marketplace. In December, $CHZ saw a massive whale accumulation. $CHZ price entered a good run shortly after the World Cup and this was mainly due to increased awareness about fan tokens. And this growth was met with a growing demand from ETH whales.

According to WhaleStats data, $CHZ ranked among the top 10 tokens bought by the top 5,000 ETH whales. But, why are whales buying $CHZ now? Here are some reasons:

  • Chiliz 2.0

The Chiliz 2.0 upgrade is another big driver for this project.  $CHZ will become a network and not just a token after the upgrade. Sporting and mainstream brands will be able to build products on Chiliz, expanding it to a bigger ecosystem.

Chiliz also plans to launch an accelerator program for companies that are actively building web3 applications. Listing on new exchanges and increased awareness all point to a growing ecosystem. The price might be shaky. But whales mostly think long term. These whales believe $CHZ has what it takes to blossom in a bull market and attract investors.

Token 1: $CRV

We’ve talked about Curve Finance a number of times and it’s no surprise whales are interested in the $CRV token. Let us know why. Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange for trading cryptocurrency. The platform focuses on efficient stablecoin trading.

We have a couple of videos where we talked about Curve Finance. You can check them out LATER after we are done with this video. Now let’s talk about why whales are accumulating $CRV.

Why are Whales Accumulating CRV?
  1. Profitable platform despite the bear market: Several projects struggled during the 2022 bear market. But, Curve Finance was a hot spot. Curve was at the center of the popular “Curve Wars.” Curve also generated lots of fees. And this was a huge attraction for whales.
  2. Strong dominance over rivals like Balancer/ good tokenomics: Curve has good tokenomics. This gives it an edge over competitors like Balancer. Curve’s design ensures low transaction fees and slippage through identification of the proper routes for exchange requests of users.

Curve’s governance model allows token holders to have control of the network, keeping it decentralized. So, Curve is focusing on stablecoins also attracts massive liquidity from whales and smaller investors. At the time of writing this article, the price of CRV is at $0.941070.

Whales have a huge bet on Curve. They view Curve as a sleeping giant that’s going to take off in the next bull run. Interestingly, CRV did not register an ATH in the 2021 bull run. There are several reasons why whales have so much believe in Curve. And I’m going to run through them now:

  1. An impressive daily volume

Ii. Comprehensive network support

Iii. The advantage of having Convex Finance

Curve has what it takes to dominate the next bull run.

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