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Cartesi, a blockchain OS, is building long-term value for its token by onboarding several developers. This is in addition to the multiple partnerships and deals it has announced in recent weeks. Cartesi isn’t a project that offers short-term satisfaction; it aims to build value that is both consistent and reliable with its CTSI token.

Crypto tokens are often a pointer to the success of a project. However, the crypto space has witnessed most crypto tokens’ early rise and fall. But, Cartesi’s native token, $CTSI, appears to be a one-of-a-kind token. The token reflects the project’s ambition and is a strong bait for the new developers who recently joined the community. Furthermore, crypto tokens mostly derive value from the massive engagement of their projects.

This means that the more activities such as partnership projects receive, the greater the value its token stands to gain. The Cartesi community is no stranger to activity. Since the year began, the platform has welcomed multiple developers and other crypto users. Cartesi is a Layer 2 scaling solution that enables decentralized app development over many blockchains.

Also, developers can utilize Cartesi’s platform to create smart contracts using traditional programming languages like Python. The Layer 2 scaling solution acts as a gateway into blockchain for developers. Cartesi makes it possible for developers to develop in a familiar environment without risking security. As a result, several developers do not have to throw away their old programming skills when in the blockchain space. This is both unique and innovative.

Cartesi Onboards New Developers for Long Term Value

One can only expect more developers to come into the platform in the coming days. However, for these developers to fully enjoy the Cartesi experience, they would need to utilize the $CTSI token. The $CTSI token serves a variety of purposes on the platform. For a start, it is used to pay transaction fees. Furthermore, It encourages Cartesi node operators to interact with the platform.

Profit is the only language crypto enthusiasts understand, and it takes expertise to spot a valuable project. It is safe to say that Cartesi offers the blockchain space a unique experience. Several developers entering the blockchain have embraced Cartesi. It provides a familiar environment to these developers. So, one can conclude that the more adoption Cartesi receives, the greater long-term value its native token gains.

Earlier this year, Cartesi announced a partnership with Locus Software. The partnership is mutually beneficial. It would enable Locus to build dapps via Cartesi’s blockchain. Also, Cartesi added SotaTek to its developer community. These additions will bring blockchain to wider mainstream adoption.

More Developers Sign Up

Earlier this month, Cartesi shared a tweet to announce the arrival of a new developer to its platform. Scalac became one of the developer’s platforms to join Cartesi. The platform’s developers have worked on a couple of blockchain-related products.

In a tweet to announce their arrival, Cartesis hinted at the growing arrival of more developers on the blockchain OS. It wrote, “ More and more developers are building on the #BlockchainOS, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store. Over the next months, we’ll be catching up with our new contributors and providing a behind-the-scenes look at building with #Cartesi technology. Stay tuned! $CTSI.”

Furthermore, Cartesi announced Webchiefs as one of its new ecosystem contributors. Webchiefs is a Kraków-based software design and development house that creates a wide range of digital goods for companies all over the world. Cartesi is their first decentralized project. This partnership would bring blockchain technology to businesses of all sizes, from mobile apps to bespoke software.

Reacting to the partnership with Cartesi, Webchiefs reportedly wrote, “Recent times have made it clear that DApps are the future, but to let go of your favourite syntax and tips and tricks is hard to do for nerds like us. Thanks to The Blockchain OS, we can do both: keep the tools we love and provide the solution our clients expect.”

Cartesi to Expand Its Blockchain Gaming Community

In addition to these new sign-ups, Aetheras became another developer platform to embrace Cartesi. The partnership hopes to bring the next generation of blockchain games to users. Aetheras will illustrate why Cartesi’s Blockchain OS is critical in the blockchain game business as a contributor. Aetheras is an innovative gaming platform. It attempts to integrate virtual worlds and tackle a series of gaming issues. These include game partnerships, control, and gameplay freedom. Also, the platform has the potential to expand Cartesi’s blockchain gaming community.

CTSI Token Give The Same Experience

Our previous article shares the stories of three different users who are into the CTSI token for the long term. An independent business owner shared a remarkable story of how he began with the CTSI token and accepted it as payment. According to the businessman, regardless of the current CTSI price, he has great faith in the project. It means that the project is bound to be a long-term success.

Another crypto enthusiast, an accountant with over a decade of experience, shared a similar adoption story. The Dutchman realized Cartesi’s huge potential during research and became captivated by the prospect of the token. The accountant revealed that he is in Cartesi for the long term like others.

A global futurists equally share the faith of others in Cartesi. The renowned author, Rohit Talwar, believes the project will be key to a new wave of blockchain adoption.

CTSI is a Worthy Investment

The best time to embrace a project is right before the crowd comes trooping in. As a result, investing in the $CTSI token could be profitable in the long term. Cartesi holds a strong position in the blockchain world, being the first blockchain operating system. This means that the project would be the gateway for multiple developers adopting blockchain. The platform’s popularity is bound to reflect on the token.

As of this writing, the $CTSI token trades at $0.3684 and has a circulating supply of 519,748,527.9 CTSI. Check the project’s Telegram Announcements and Website for more details.

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