Dafi Protocol is Super Staking

Inflation is becoming a source of concern for the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Algorithms for DeFi protocols can really adjust poorly due to inflation.

DAFI Super Staking V2 launch, however, is looking to provide a lasting solution to inflation in the decentralized finance space. The V2 launch will introduce several new features like:

  • upgraded logic
  • higher APYs
  • and generally new architecture to the staking platform.

DAFI Super Staking V2 platform also provides stakers with much higher APYs without the risk of inflation.

DAFI V2 Security Audit

The Super Staking V2 launch closely follows the successful completion of its first security audit. The audit was carried out by the auditing platform Hacken. A number of low-level and insignificant issues were found during the audit. All of these issues have also been properly attended to.

Successfully completing an audit by Hacken will also help to boost stakers’ trust in the V2 super staking platform. You can read Hacken’s full audit report here.

More on DAFI Protocol

DAFI is creating an entirely new outlook to staking and earning rewards in the DeFi space. The platform is also looking to incorporate a completely new incentive model for blockchain-based protocol. These models will help deal with

  • inflation
  • facilitating growth
  • and more development on the blockchain platform.

DAFI is looking to create countless applications all with managing inflation. To achieve this, the network converts volatility in demand to rewards and incentives for users.

DAFI Super Staking V2 will help introduce;

  • New improved reward models
  • All-round decentralization
  • Lower Inflation, etc
DAFI Price

At the time of writing, DAFI was trading at $0.03893220 with a market cap of $16,941,495 and a 24-hour trading volume of $396,083. The token price is down by 2.6% in the last 24 hours.

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