Dash to Improve Crypto Adoption in Latin America

Popular cryptocurrency Dash is planning to take over Latin America’s crypto space and also improve the adoption in the coming years.

This is according to a post on its official news website. Rodrigo Ambrissi from Dash Dinheiro Digital hosted a YouTube video conference on November 5, 2019. The conference was centered around the coin’s growth and cryptocurrency adoption in general. Top executives from states like Venezuela, Brazil, Cabimas, Mexico and also from sectors like Dash Text and Help, etc all partook in the video conference.

Giorgio Marinetti of Dash Help believes that improved communications would help increase crypto adoption. Adding that all important documents and materials like marketing guidelines, general guidelines, and also technical documents should be published in Latin languages like Spanish and Portuguese. He also pointed out several businesses that would benefit from including the coin. The Dash Cabimas, for example, encourages a mall parking garage to adopt it. He believes this feature will be soon available at many parking garages in the city.

More on the conference

Dash Mexico Rep, Roel Castano pointed out that remittances are the way forward not just for the coin but the entire crypto industry. Irrespective of Dash transaction speed and inexpensiveness, several localities still find it difficult to access remittance services. Brazil, on the other hand, plans to create a market segment for the coin. The segment will provide useful tips on how to save and spend money.

The video inference in its entirety focused on crypto adoption in Latin America. Several Latin America countries are dealing with hyperinflation and crumbling economies. Venezuela, for example, has had to create its own very controversial crypto El Petro, to fight inflation and improve the country’s economy. Countries like Mexico are in need of reliable remittance services. Thus, Dash has partnered with several crypto exchanges, cryptocurrencies, ATM providers, and Bitnovo to harness the remittance markets. Bitnovo is a remittance solution provider.

Besides, the company has also launched several other projects like the Dash Text in Latin America. The majority of Latin Americans do not have access to a smartphone or even a basic phone. This greatly reduces their access and knowledge of cryptocurrencies. With this in mind, the company decided to launch the Dash Text. Its users can send the coin simply via an SMS text. Dash plans to expand this service in Latin, North and South America. Europe will also enjoy this service via SMS or integration with Telegram.

The currency prides itself on carrying out fast and untraceable transactions.


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