Based on the announcement, Dash was hit with either an external stress test or attack during the week. Issues were later discovered including mempools not being emptied, a 1MB cap on blocks, masternode crashes. Others like masternodes banning other masternodes and delayed listings of transactions on some blocks.

“After contacting all likely community members who could have executed this and we discovered that none of them were involved. It appears that the artificial load on the Dash network was either a stress test by someone or was an attempted attack,” the announcement noted. The Dash network team ‘strongly recommended’ the masternodes to upgrade to the new version.

The post further said “the upgrade is strongly recommended for all Masternodes. It’s also recommended for all users, exchanges, partners and full node operators.”

New version to address issues

Dash Core version is reportedly designed to address some of these issues. It also includes changes such as improvements to database space use and various signing failures.

In the new update, the developers addressed the issues by improving ‘database space usage.’ It also solved ‘DKG and LLMQ signing failures’ fixes and ‘signed binaries for Windows’ along with some other features.

News on Dash

In 2018, a United States-based fast-food chain restaurant called Church’s Chicken began to accept payments in DASH. This was at its South American branches in Venezuela. There are 10 Church’s Chicken restaurants in Venezuela, and all of them decided to accept DASH. The restaurant reportedly claimed that it was the first global fast-food restaurant to take crypto payments.

Dash is one of the eight cryptocurrencies that Coinbase is considering to list on its crypto exchange for trading.

With the spike in crypto prices, attacks on blockchain and even crypto-jacking have increased substantially. Yesterday, there were reports that a newly found crypto-jacking malware is mining Monero on victims’ computers.


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