De.Fi Antivirus Revolutionizing Crypto Security

Thanks to scams, rug pulls and also lots of hype and empty promises, it’s hard for anything to surprise me in crypto. And yet I came across an amazing superapp last week that really surprised me. The number of amazing, free, community driven services they are offering for us in crypto really made me pause.

And they do it just to build goodwill and be a good crypto corporate citizen. There’s no other reason. These are the kinds of projects we should be supporting. And when you see the amazing security features this has and how it helps protect you, I know you will agree.

What is De.Fi?

De.Fi has 2 amazing programs as part of its super app. The first is the app itself. You can connect many wallets to it, your self custody wallets and your centralized exchange wallets. This alone makes for a great and different feature from many apps. All this is non-custodial, by the way. As it should be.

It shows you a huge dashboard where you can see everything from all your wallets in one place. Like a superwallet. You can connect to 52 networks across 44 blockchains and over 400 protocols. It’s amazing. And it’s not just EVM compatible stuff either. They connect to Cosmos, CEXes, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Cardano too. It’s VERY comprehensive. They have 8 CEXes right now they cover including:

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Kucoin
  • OKX, etc.

In the Explore Yields section, it shows what pools and farms you are already invested in. Also, it shows you where some of the better yield and staking opportunities are. They even show you great borrowing and lending options. You get tons of info you need. And all in one place. How would you use a super app like this? What would you track there? Let us know in the comments below

The Scanner and AntiVirus

The super app is great. You can see how much it shows you. And all for free. Only pay transaction costs to send or swap something. But that’s not even the best part. De.Fi has a Shield, Scanner, and Anti-Virus program and database. Check it out.

  • Shield

This is the ERC-20 contract address for Tether USDT. The Wallet Health score shows if my wallet has any risk in holding a token in this contract. Then, the risk level shows if there are other risks not for my wallet but generally like a coding issue or security flaw in the Tether smart contract. Everything is healthy here so we are good.

But if there was an issue, you would be able to revoke that smart contract right from the app. There’s no need to go back to Etherscan or any other block explorer or google how to revoke a smart contract so you can protect yourself. With De.Fi, you do it right there. And you have protection.

Here’s how it works live. You see I am connecting Metamask here and it takes just a second. But then check out the Shield at work. It called my wallet Medium risk despite only have a risk exposure of $8.90. Again, it’s looking at the smart contract and my wallet to look for risk. Now, I am revoking that one contract right here from the De.Fi app. So convenient. Look how it works. In less than 2 minutes, I’ve made my wallet safer.

  • Scanner

Then we have a scanner. The scanner has already evaluated 393,000 contracts and found risks in over 1/3 of them. No big surprise here if you look at the right hand column, the top 4 highest risk contracts all have some false play on the Arbitrum name. They are trying to get people to invest thinking it is the real Arbitrum token. This is valuable due diligence/DYOR type stuff.

Here’s the highest risk one, Arbitrum Mutant. Look at these risks:

  • They can pause a transfer or prevent swapping and selling. Can you say honeypot scam?
  • They can blacklist ANY wallet preventing them from transacting.
  • They can limit how many tokens you can transfer.
  • De.Fi even labels it a potential honeypot.

Now this scan also shows the positives like verifiable source code or contract owner cannot abuse ERC-20 approvals. But let’s face it, I am not touching this even with your money. It could just be sloppy diligence but this is probably a scam. And now we know cause the De.Fi scanner showed it to us. The scanner is, in essence, a Web3 anti-virus. We can check both our own wallets AND the token contracts we interact with to see if there is anything there that can harm us. Pretty cool stuff. And is FREE.

  • Rekt Database

Next, we have the REKT database. This is a list of all exploited projects. First thing I like is there is a big button for me to report an exploit I think may be happening. Good for community involvement. Then it lists the projects. Including the Ethereum MEV exploit that happened in the beginning of the month.

The links take you away from De.Fi to websites, Medium posts, or Twitter threads explaining when, why, and how this exploit happened. Very good stuff. Great for all levels but especially beginners trying to educate themselves on what projects to follow and invest in.

  • Audit

And lastly, the Audit database. Again for free, De.Fi aggregates code audits. It’s the largest free database of this kind with more than 6100 projects listed. Notice all these great free benefits De.Fi offers to build goodwill in the community? It’s working too.

You can click on any project listed in here and look at some of the details or download the entire report free. You can also request an audit or a fast track audit for a project you are tracking yourself.

What’s New at De.Fi?

And this mentality of continuing to do good for the community and keep crypto secure keeps going. Just in the last couple of weeks De.Fi has been busy. They launched these great scanner and security tools on Fantom.

And they also helped Coindesk identify 10,000 victims of fake Arbitrum airdrop scams. Just like what we looked at earlier but sadly many fell for them and got scammed. Again, these just further reinforce De.Fi’s goals and values to do well and do good for the crypto community at the same time.

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