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On Monday, 29 June, DigiByte announced the introduction of a pseudonymous developer, Marpme in its #DigiByteProfileProject campaign on Twitter.

DigiByte blockchain acknowledges the works of Marpme as a #Vergecurrency Developer and appreciated his work towards the development of its ecosystem. DigiByte blockchain went further to discuss Marpme past work through a Twitter thread.

About Marpme

Since 2018, Marpme has been working on the XVG project. He has worked on several operations including cross-platform, Verge Core, hot wallets, and even a blockchain tracker.

Marpme’s contribution to DigiByte

He has contributed continuously to the DigiByte ecosystem and helped maintained the ethos and design. Due to his love for the DigiByte community, he has contributed to the development of $DGB.

Recently, Marpme massive contributed to the DGB Docker environment and initiated the DigiByte Rosetta Integration.

About DGB docker environment

More like a virtual machine, a docker environment presents a secure, stable, and standardized environment. Marpme’s contribution towards DigiByte helps other organizations to use a single host in the deployment of several DigiByte apps. Such organizations can carry out this action without the need to prepare drivers and carry out other strenuous tasks. You can access the DGB docker environment here or via Github.

DigiByte Rosetta Integration

Bearing likeness with Swift Fintech, the new Rosetta specification aims at unifying the language across different coins. This would also aid easier integration and utilization of DGB.

Marpme has initiated the DigiByte Rosetta integration and by doing so, the project now stands a greater chance of getting listed on CoinBase. The implementation of the Rosetta specifications began for $DGB as a means of support for DigiByte.


DigiByte showed their appreciation towards Marpme for his “selfless” contributions towards developing the DigiByte community. They also encouraged more members of the community to sponsor Marpme for his contribution towards decentralized blockchains & open source technology.

More about DigiByte

The first DGB was mined in 2014. Since then, much has not been heard about it. While most businesses were poorly affected by the pandemic lockdown, DGB rose to become a more secure and faster version of Bitcoin. At the height of the pandemic through mid-May, DigiByte has rallied more than 900% to about $USD 0.03 under six weeks.

Due to its speed, scalability, and community-driven credibility, DGB has ranked greatly in the cryptocurrency market.

On the 22 June, Binance announced that it has listed DigiByte (DGB). Binance represents one of the largest and highly respected cryptocurrency exchanges globally and they now introduce support for scalable PoW blockchain DigiByte (DGB).


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