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We are in the era of investment diversification. On one side, web2 companies diversify their money into web3 startups, and at the same time, web3 investors diversify into altcoins and NFTs. However, sometimes we all feel the urge to invest in more projects. This could lead to over-dilution and goes against the Pareto investment principle. So, what is the solution? Indexes!

An index, in simpler terms, is a basket of assets that collectively keep track of the assets’ performance. So, an innovative index can provide exposure to ‘high-risk-high-gain’ investments while minimizing the ‘risks.’ Although traditional finance has a lot of indexes, defi has little and Polylastic aims to close this gap. They are launching their Polylastic Index on May 30th, 2023. Let’s discover more about Polylastic.

What Is Polyastic?

As the name suggests, Polylastic is a layer 2 solution, built on Polygon, that let users design their own personalized crypto portfolio via their Index, the Polylastic (POLX) Index. With this index, you also give an easy way to invest in crypto portfolios for web2 financiers. 

The project has a native token, $POLX, that fuels the ecosystem. Holders of $POLX get governance rights and can choose the assets for the community-decided index. But the best part? It is deflationary through periodic burning. POLX was listed in BitMart.

polylastic bitmart

Source: Twitter
What is the Polylastic Index?

Polylastic Index offers a holistic overview of the crypto market, enabling users to track the performance of digital assets across different sectors. 

polylastic index
Source: Polylastic

At present, there are three indexes:

  1. Blue Chip Index
  2. NFT Gaming Index
  3. Community-Decided Index

This means that in the first one, you will find a mix of projects with lots of potential in the same index. The project suggests it is planning to launch more indexes per the community’s needs. You can read their litepaper here.

Benefits of Polylastic Index

The Polylastic Index provides a simple investment solution to people with no prior experience in the cryptocurrency industry. Also, it offers: 

  1. Availability of multiple indexes.
  2. Strong token utility. 
  3. A community-decided index that can evolve into a solid option for high gains.
  4. Earn passively.
  5. New indexes to ride the latest crypto narratives and trends.
  6. Affordable NFT index.
  7. Different indexes for different risk appetites.
  8. Presence of a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) with governance rights.
  9. Support to portfolio streamlines.
  10. Not exposing private keys to hackers.
What is Next for Polylastic?

The launch of the index is the most significant achievement in the roadmap

Source: Polylastic

The most noteworthy milestones are:

  1. CEX listing.
  2. Mobile App or website.
  3. AI integration.
  4. Tokenized stocks.

Each of the above phases can contribute to the overall expansion of the Polylastic ecosystem. Since most investors prefer a mobile-friendly investment ecosystem, it is commendable that the Polylastic team has that in plans. 

Polylastic is Backed by an Experience Team

Polylastic’s team and advisors have a very important experience in critical fields like marketing, strategy, business development, and web3 technology. They’ve participated in companies like Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Certik, Chainlink, and Polygon.

polylastic team

Whether investors seek DeFi and NFT exposure, or portfolio diversification, the Polylastic Index is a great tool to consider. It ticks all the right boxes regarding the roadmap, offerings, and user experience. Want to learn more? Join Polylastic Socials here: Twitter, Discord.

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