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Social gaming expects to grow 6.2% per year and be worth $8.7 billion in 2026. And that’s recession or bear market or not. It’s pretty amazing. With crypto markets facing so much uncertainty, anything that helps a project increase its utility and value is welcome.

So, I’ve uncovered a crypto casino with some unique benefits I’ve never heard of before including ones that could help your favorite pet project. It’s called Candy Club. Want to hear more? Then let’s go.

What is Candy Club?

Candy Club is a social gaming platform. A social online casino. Back when video game arcades were popular, many of them created their own token. Then you would trade your quarters or dollars, if you had the big bucks, and get their ‘game tokens’ to put into the video games or pinball machines of your choice.

As you might guess, crypto can do the same, and Candy Club does. But they do it in a way that’s super user-friendly. Think about it for a second. 

You decide you want to bet on a soccer match. But instead of BNB Smart Chain tokens that you want to spend to play, you have to use Solana because that’s the platform where the casino is built. Then that’s just enough friction for you to say ‘no thanks’ I just won’t bet at all or I will look for one that lets me spend the tokens I want to spend.

Candy Club accepts all Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain and Tron tokens. Plus, when token project owners make a deposit or get their fans to make a deposit to play, your favorite project gets up to a 1% bonus in the native token that you deposited. I don’t know any casinos in Vegas doing that. Here’s how it works:

  1. Deposit your native token like Ethereum’s ERC-20 version of USDT
  2. You get a Candy Wrapped version of USDT to play with. It’s not an independent token that you can sell on a 3rd party marketplace. It’s ONLY an in-game token. And this is good.
  3. You play and then redeem for your native token plus the bonus you earn

So since the wrapped token is ONLY an in-game token, there is no token for sale and no project risk for you to take. You use coins you’re familiar with already. And in some cases, your favorite token project benefits too. As they told us, they are currency agnostic. More on that to come in a second. 

What Makes Candy Club Different from Other Casinos?

Here is what makes Candy Club different from other online casinos. First, in partnership with Saba Sports, they have an online sports book. It’s open just in time to be able to take bets on World Cup matches.

And not only does Candy Club have online games, but they also have games with live dealers too. The live games include:

  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • And Sicbo/Hi-Lo

Most online casinos are Bitcoin-only. So the fact you can bring your own token from many different blockchains and play with it is a big advancement for online gaming. Next, you still have the option for many online blockchain games. What’s the big deal with blockchain games? Well with them played on-chain, they are provably fair.

This means Candy Club can’t rig the game in their favor against you without you noticing. Blockchain games on Candy Club include:

  • Hi-Lo
  • Crash
  • Keno
  • Limbo
  • Mines
  • And Dice (Craps)

So this is pretty cool that you have the option of live dealers for some games or provably fair online games for others. Another rare offering here at Candy Club is 178 live slot machines. They are not online and are part of blockchain games. They are actual live slots that you play virtually.

The White Label/Token Project Benefit

I normally don’t talk about what projects have to gain by working with other projects. That is unless it’s clear that a partnership benefits a coin I want to invest in. And here Candy Club presents an interesting prospect for communities that could help it get really popular fast. Token projects can survive the crypto winter easier too.

Although Candy Club works with lots of alts, there are still many they don’t work with yet. There are 21 on board right now. Some that are big like MATIC can have a white-label version of Candy Club’s social gaming platform built just for them. Only MATIC users with only MATIC and ecosystem coins. This helps build community. It also does 3 things token projects need:

  1. Increase Token Utility
  2. Increase Token Demand
  3. And Increase Token Treasuries

So how does this happen? Let’s keep MATIC as our example. What happens is MATIC users deposit their MATIC into a vault to get the wrapped coin for gaming. Remember that part of it? So where does the Polygon go? They keep it on deposit. Whoever in the ecosystem gets the white-label version of the casino gets the payout of coins.

Plus ecosystem coins have more uses since you can use them for gaming and it helps generate more demand for those tokens too. Cool, huh? What’s more, through Candy Club’s Bonus Partner Program, web3 projects who join Candy Club are able to earn up to 1% of their user’s betting volume. EVERY MONTH.

Now MATIC is not in danger of going out of business in this bear market but some projects are. And those could see Candy Club as a lifeline to increase their Treasuries and demand for their tokens. All that while having fun gaming too. You might even be able to get your favorite pet project onto this platform so it can gain these benefits.

So What’s the Social Part?

As a social gaming platform, Candy Club has lots of features to add engagement and make it fun. You can:

  • Use the Chat Feature
  • Add Friends
  • Use Emojis
  • Earn through their Referral Program
  • And even gift your tokens

It’s the first to offer gaming to so many alts. Some of them that have lost more than 90% of their value may be more fun for you to use in a place like Candy Club instead of just holding and hoping it recovers. Being able to chat with other players and live dealers also adds a nice social component to the game that some online games miss out on.

In fact, President and founder Calvin Ng believe that this casino is a great community-building tool for token projects. Here’s more on that.


So that’s our introduction to Candy Club. It’s the first major social casino for altcoins. And it accepts many of them. It has some rare features that we’ve gone over like live dealers, live slots, and the Treasury benefit for token projects. Especially newer, smaller projects.

And you will be able to bet on World Cup matches in their sportsbook. All while supporting your favorite projects. So it sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? If you want to give Candy Club a try, click this link below.

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