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The most important thing we do when creating a non-custodial wallet is write down our seed key on a sheet of paper. But, what if I tell you that you can create a non-custodial wallet with a six-digit password and maintain security and privacy?

Also, many non-custodial wallets only let you create one account per user. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to make your seed phrase and create several reports? Not only would it be much easier to remember, but you can manage your portfolio better by adding different accounts with a unique names for each other.

To close that gap, Dock Wallet has developed a scalable non-custodial wallet where users can send, store and receive $DOCK tokens in Android and iOS.

Therefore, in this article, you’ll discover how to use it and its unique benefits. Also, you can watch this video to continue learning about the Dock wallet. However, let’s start by knowing how Dock works.

What is Dock?

The Dock is an integrated solution to develop decentralized credentials to let people manage them securely and privately. Also, this platform has an advanced interoperability capacity that allows Dock can build across different blockchains by incorporating decentralized standards from the Web3 Consortium (W3C).

Moreover, it’s important to mention that the Dock app was audited by Oak Security. This was thanks to the cryptographic techniques that Dock has combined with its PoS blockchain. Now let’s learn how you can use the dock wallet.

How to Use the Dock Wallet?

To use the Dock wallet, you need to follow these steps to create it:

  1. Download the wallet (Android and iOS)
  2. Create a new wallet.
  3. Pick your 6-number password
  4. Write down your 12-word seed phrase.

Once you’ve created the account, you can:

  1. Send/receive $DOCK tokens
  2. Details / Remove wallet
  3. Create a new account / Import an existing account.
  4. Remove /Backup wallet.

Look at the following picture to see where you can find these options:

Dock Wallet

Benefits from Using the Dock Wallet

The dock wallet has improved how crypto adopters are managing their tokens, having the following advantages:

  1. Leverage user experience.
  2. Verifiable authentication credentials can be received, stored, and sent.
  3. Staking
  4. Governance voting

What Makes the Dock Wallet be Unique?

We consider that there are four competitors on Dock. However, they don’t offer the same services as Dock:

  1. Kitt: This is a platform for verifiable credentials that also adheres with the W3C standard, which was built in the Kusama Parachain. However, they don’t manage their mobile wallet, and they have a low marketcap, and its token is listed in only two exchanges.
  2. VeChain: This is a decentralized identity and verifiable credential platform based in a PoA (Proof-of-authority) blockchain, a leading ecosystem project. This is the most crucial competitor of Dock.
  3. Evernym: Founded in 2013, one of the first (if not the first) companies focused on verifiable credentials supporting W3C standards and using Zero-Knowledge Proofs. However, it doesn’t have its blockchain and uses a permissioned blockchain.
  4. MATTRFounded in 2019 with a solid technical team implementing sophisticated cryptography for verifiable credentials and DIDs using BBS+ signatures. However, it doesn’t have its blockchain, and its SDK and APIs are closed-source.

As you can see, the only competition is Vechain, which makes Docks a very innovative and robust solution for decentralized, verifiable credentials.

More About the Dock 

When writing this article, $DOCK is trading at $0.06, which has grown 500% since the beginning of the year. Also, anyone can buy $DOCK tokens directly from Dock’s website using a bank transfer or a credit card or in the following exchanges:

  1. Binance.
  2. CoinTiger.
  3. AAX.

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