Binance wants money for listing?

Jared Tate, the creator of DigiByte, posted a shocking statement on his Twitter yesterday. He claims he has got proof that Binance wants some financial gratitude for DigiByte’s listing. 

Twitter post from Jared Tate says “They wanted $300,000 and 3% of all DGB for ”insurance for their customers against blockchain hacks & defects” to list $DGB. Told them that is not possible with a truly decentralized #blockchain like #DigiByte.”

The tweet triggered a lot of responses among the author’s followers. Some even believe DigiByte is committing liquidity-suicide by making Binance an enemy. However, others are sure DigiByte will survive.

And Jared’s position is firm. “They are free to add us anytime they want. And we won’t pay a dime. Just like we haven’t paid for any other listing on 100+ exchanges. We are the most decentralized blockchain on the planet.

Binance is not happy

Binance’s CZ responded that he is not going to waste time discussing this.

Two years ago, the DigiByte team won in a Binance listing poll and, allegedly, Binance also asked for a fee but DigiByte could not pay it.

DigiByte is an open-source cryptocurrency on the DigiByte blockchain. Its launch took place in 2014. DigiByte is based on Bitcoin but has a number of distinctive features in its code that improve its functionality compared to Bitcoin.

DigiByte uses 5 algorithms. And they are Scrypt, Sha-256, Qubit, Skein, Groestl. That’s why cryptocurrency mining is as affordable as possible. DigiByte is the longest existing public blockchain.

In May 2019, Jared Tate shared interesting data on his Twitter regarding operations in the cryptocurrency market. Thus, according to him, up to 76% of all operations with tokens such as LightCoin, Zcash, and EOS are made for money laundering. For BitcoinCash, this figure is 57%, for DogeCoin it is about 29%, and for DigiByte it is 9%. “Let the numbers speak for themselves,” the entrepreneur commented on his message.

Previously, Binance listed a Mimblewimble-based Beam. Also, it launched Binance.US.



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