EARN $232/WEEK Crypto Passive Income

Market conditions are improving. But are you making money? I am! How? Answer is simple, passive income. Why? Because when the market movements are indecisive, passive income ensures you continue to make money. 

When you make some crypto passive income month after month, you ALWAYS have some fresh dry powder to buy more Arbitrum or whatever project you want. So today, our monthly passive income update. Plus, we have 2 options on Arbitrum for you to put those new coins to work.

Earn $232 Per Week  on Arbitrum

Arbitrum is everywhere. It’s the biggest thing in crypto right now. And our first 2 opportunities are in that ecosystem.

First, ARB native DEX, Camelot, needs LOTS of ARB and ETH to meet trader appetites. Camelot is a ‘real yield’ story. That’s something we like a lot with the yield coming from fees and not from thin air. But even with that Camelot has a couple of eye-popping yields available.

This one is my favorite because the yield is excellent AND we are earning in $GRAIL the native Camelot token. This is almost like a DCA strategy into Camelot. And that is something we recommended in our video on how to profit from the Arbitrum airdrop.

This first one on Camelot earns a staggering $1000 per month or $232 per week. And it’s in coins we already like and I know you don’t mind owning them. Arbitrum and Ethereum. So, this ARB-ETH pool pays up to 120%. That would translate to $232 per week on a 10k investment. $232 worth of DCA into $GRAIL since that’s the token we earn here.

Do you get any ARB tokens in the airdrop? Let us know in the comments below.

Earn $165 Per Month on Arbitrum

Until the airdrop, the best proxy token and protocol for Arbitrum was GMX. It still is the best and most popular protocol. And GMX is earning tons in fees. It’s 5th of all platforms in revenue in the last 3 and 6 months. It has higher revenue than Lido for liquid staking and leading DEX PancakeSwap. In its category, only dydx earns more than GMX does.

For those that don’t know, GMX has 2 tokens. The main $GMX token was the proxy for Ethereum. And there’s a 2nd one. GLP. All those traders on GMX generating those fees need liquidity to trade at good prices. And GMX needs the liquidity too. It lets them offer great pricing to customers.

GLP is the liquidity token for the platform. It earns 70% of all platform fees on GMX. So if you like real yield and you like being the house where you earn whether traders make money or not, then this is a good deal. Using Arbitrum to buy it, you can stake your GLP and earn 19.8%. Demand is even higher on Avalanche but we like it a little more on Arbitrum.

And that 19.8% comes out to $165 per week in earnings. And on a very attractive coin from a solid project.

Earn $140 Per Month on Avalanche

Something happened during the Arbitrum airdrop that I don’t think many people noticed. What I’m talking about is Avalanche. They are in a great position to benefit from Arbitrum’s growth. Almost as much as Ethereum and Arbitrum itself.

So, Arbitrum’s biggest DEX and perp protocol GMX is on Avalanche too. And Avalanche’s biggest DEX, Trader Joe, is on Arbitrum too. TVL is growing fast on Avalanche. Trader Joe has the 5th highest volume of all DEXes over the last week. That’s basically since the Arbitrum airdrop.

Here is a great liquidity pool deal with almost no risk of impermanent loss. Two stablecoins, USDT and USDC are paying 27% right now. However, the rate recalculates every 30 days. Demand for this pool is slightly higher in the last week as the analytics tell us the true rate is closer to 16.8%. And that’s still excellent for 2 stablecoins.

A rate of 16.8% means we are earning $1680 per year or $140 per month. On stablecoins. That’s a great deal.

Earn $93 Per Month on Polygon

One of my favorite protocols on Polygon is QuickSwap. They are fast and cheap for swaps and have good farm and pool options too. This one is a stablecoin liquidity pool too and is the most conservative of our 4 passive income options today.

In this pool, we have DAI and USDT. This conservative pool is paying 11.2%. So on our $10,000 investment, that’s $1120 per year or $93 per month.

The main reason why this rate is higher is that it pays in dQUICK token. So you don’t earn in the 2 stablecoins. dQUICK is Quickswap’s staking token. And with it, you get to earn a cut of all the trading and swap fees on the platform. Quite a few of us at Altcoin Buzz like Quickswap so we are comfortable with repayment in this token. Again, it’s like a programmed DCA strategy into a project we already like.

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