EarthFund Launches “DAO-as-a-Service” System to Simplify Charity Funding

From the current Ukraine war with Russia to other global humanitarian crises, the need for donations cannot be over-emphasized.

In line with this, EarthFund now has a DAO-as-a-Service system. The system will help simplify the process of launching a funding platform to support real global issues.

This article contains important details about EarthFund and the possibilities embedded in it to fund world-changing causes.

More on the Launch

EarthFund is a blockchain-based platform providing interested persons with the opportunity to create and launch funding DAOs. Subsequently helping to provide support for causes they care about. Notably, EarthFund is currently live after its launch on June 15, 2022.

The idea of creating a DAO to fund global issues has attracted the attention of crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Especially, following the strategic launch of UkraineDAO, also known as ConstitutionDAO. While there have been previous moves by some crypto companies to give back to society, something of this magnitude has never been realized. The launch of DAOs to provide funding for global issues and causes will also help put the crypto space in a good light. Furthermore, showcasing the crypto and blockchain sphere as a force for good.

Prior to EarthFund’s launch, creating a funding DAO was only possible with the help of top Solidity developers. So, it was impossible for firms and individuals to create such a DAO as Solidity developers are a rarity in the crypto space.

The launch of EarthFund, however, changes this narrative. Now, anyone has access to the infrastructure needed to create a funding DAO. This is irrespective of their technical know-how and general knowledge of the blockchain and crypto space.

Creating a Better Future for All

Speaking on the launch, Deepak Chopra reveals that there’s currently a shift taking place in the crypto space. In his own words, he said, “We’re seeing a shift in the crypto space from a focus on short-term profits to using it to build a better future for everybody.”

According to Chopra, this is the main reason behind his partnership with EarthFund. Also, the partnership will help launch the NeverAlone token and will help projects involved with battling mental health crises have access to funding. Chopra furthermore added that the partnership will not just “[…] change the crypto space, but make the whole world a better, happier place.”

Deepak Chopra’s NeverAlone project will be one of the pilot projects on EarthFund.

Brief Overview of EarthFund

As previously stated, EarthFund is a decentralized platform that makes it possible for anyone to launch DAOs that will help fund projects with meaningful impact. The decentralized platform has a unique toolkit designed for different participants.

  • For Founders – EarthFund provides an automated, plug-and-play platform. Also, the platform will facilitate the launch of an ERC-20 token and the ensuing DAO with gasless governance.
  • Users – This set of persons will receive rewards for participating and making their voices known via voting.
  • Lastly, Donors – They will also enjoy a secure and enabling environment to donate their crypto assets towards causes they are passionate about.

Apart from Deepak Chopra, Dr. Lucy Tweed will also launch the Carbon Removal cause as a pilot project.

One important aspect of donating funds is ensuring that the funds are accurately utilized for the particular reason for which donations were made. EarthFund will provide donors with top-notch accountability for all funds received. The decentralized platform will also ensure trustless traceability of all donated funds. Therefore, introducing efficiency and transparency to charity giving.

Adam Boalt, co-founder of EarthFund, spoke highly of the platform and what it was hoping to achieve. Adam is also of the opinion that the platform can help harness the potential of the crypto space to “[…] help truly world-changing causes to get the funding they deserve.”

In conclusion, EarthFund is changing the narrative of the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. Creating more use cases for this fast-rising ecosystem that will help fund projects with real and meaningful impact globally.

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