Edu3labs is the Udemy of Web3. They are all about online education in Web3. And in this fast-growing sector, they are the undisputed leader. Even Open Campus, the leader in conventional education online (K-12) is a partner because their offerings are so different.

Edu3labs has a lot going on. Let’s see what they’ve been up to.

AI University Alpha

First, the Alpha test is out for Edu3labs and their AI University. This is one of the best uses of AI that I’ve seen. It’s something that is truly useful. With AI, you get to customize your education offerings. For example, any 2 people taking Intro to Photography or Intro to Python will receive 2 different courses. All the base information will be the same. Then, the customization kicks in to help you in the areas where you need it most. Hitting your weaknesses hard to strengthen them means you will get through the course faster and learn more while you do it.

The Alpha test of the AI University has a reward and prize program that you get for trying it out.

 There are prizes up to $100,000 worth and all you have to do is complete the tasks on the task list coming out and hold at least 1000 $NFE. At a price of 3 cents each, that means only $30 worth of the Edu3labs native token. Not a huge investment.

Vision Launchpad

Edu3labs wants to lead other protocols in online education too. To make that happen, they are launching the Vision launchpad. The launch is on June 10th. Staking and getting your allocations will happen in $NFE.  It has its own Twitter handle @VisionLaunchApp that you can follow if you like either online education platforms or launchpads.


One of the biggest differences between Vision and other launchpads is the collaboration with top universities. Edu3labs has not released the details of how that will work. Maybe Vision will cultivate a Coursera of Web3? Or get universities to invest and partner? I don’t know. But we’ll find out soon.


We are waiting for more details on both of these new, innovative programs. The idea of customizing your education through AI so you learn according to your strengths and I learn according to mine is one of the best use cases for AI we’ve seen so far. And the AI University offers exactly this.

Then for new programs that want to launch, the new Vision launchpad will make it easier than ever for online education platforms to go Web3.

As I said earlier, the $NFE token is trading at 3 cents. The current market value, per our friends at CoinGecko, is $1.5 million. Edu3labs currently has a circulating supply of 52.5 million and a total supply of just under 900 million., MEXC, and PancakeSwap are your best CEX and DEX options for buying $NFE.



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