Richard Ells made a short update on the AnyTask freelance app’s performance. Currently, its beta version is available. And you can join the testing team until the end of November.

On November 19, Ells, CEO of Electroneum, shared his first observations about a new freelance service the company has just launched. Originally, the product was called AnyTasks. But to make it easier the name was shortened to AnyTask.

Hence, the project bought a domain www.anytask.com.This will be the app’s official address.

According to Electroneum’s team, the beta version is working smoothly. A handful of users have also tested it.

On November 18, the Electroneum team analyzed how the beta program works.

“We had users that had never seen it before. So they’ve got no idea of what the concept was. And we’ve given them access to it on mobile devices, on desktop devices, various platforms. We have 178 posts from users on Zendesk reporting small issues. But nothing absolutely dramatic happened. It went smoothly,” Ells said.

Electroneum’s next step is to increase the testing group; the core community will be invited to participate. At first, it will engage a few hundred people.

In the third stage, their number will amount to 25,000. By that time, the database with real tasks will have been finalized.

Big future for AnyTask?

The freelance business is certainly a big one. But this particular endeavor by Electroneum has a special purpose. In line with the company’s overall strategy, the project aims to help freelancers in developing countries. Consequently, it will provide millions of people with skills tools free of charge.

People will be able to sell their acquired skills to other people in developed countries via their smartphone. This will most likely be of great use for the unbanked community around the globe. To remind, Electroneum’s goal is to bank the unbanked and help people around the world to make payments without a bank account.

Recently, Altcoin Buzz covered Electroneum’s foray into Africa.


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