Electroneum Replaces Cloud Mining with ETN Rewards

Mobile-based crypto payment startup Electroneum will no longer make use of its cloud mining scheme. Instead, it has launched its ETN Reward system.

The UK based platform has some great news. It is looking to reward its users simply for interacting with the Electroneum application. This is according to an official blog post by Electroneum.

Electroneum is looking for ways to run an inclusive network. Providing means of earning ETN especially for people in developing nations. And creating awareness and more use cases for its native token ETN. With ETN, users from all over the globe will be able to make purchases online, top-up their mobile phones recharge cards, etc. These services are available to over 3.5 million users with a huge percentage of them residing in developing countries.

The payment processor wants users to note that nothing has changed in its ecosystem, despite transitioning to ETN rewards.And explains how easy it is to make use of ETN tokens. Concurrently creating a wider user base for ETN and also facilitating worldwide crypto adoption.

With that in mind, Electroneum continually improves how it delivers the best products and services to its 3.5 million registered users around the world. Thousands of ETN users are receiving rewards by simply making use of the Electroneum application. The rewards canĀ  be spent or stored as many merchants accept ETN as a payment method. This incentive makes a considerable difference in the day to day standard of living of people in developing countries.

More on Electroneum

Electroneum is making huge strides in the crypto space, increasing crypto mass adoption, especially in developing countries. The mobile-based processor recently partnered with Wonder Foundation to reach out to less privileged women and girls in Africa and India. To facilitate its humanitarian activities, the exchange also recently employed David Bull, former Unicef executive.


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