The genesis of Energi (NRG) happened just over a year ago. The project made it through the rough bear market triumphantly with the aim to increase the adoption of cryptocurrency. Coupling a self-funded treasury with a strong decentralized governance mechanism, the project places a high priority on longevity.

An impressive achievement showcasing Energi’s potential is its CoinMarketCap rating that built up steadily over the last 3 months. In June, Energi hit the Top 100 ranking. Now, it has climbed up the top 50 leader board. Without heading toward an ICO and pre-mining since its foundation, the project has grown to be over a 50-member professional team.

Furthermore, Energi fosters the development of complete crypto ecosystems. It supports use cases like NRG coin to be used in DApps, Staking, and Masternodes. Equally important is the blockchain support Incubator program for start-ups, that has a place in the project roadmap. Energi is also pursuing merchant adoption in countries suffering hyperinflationary currencies such as in Venezuela, along with being in the process of building out Energi X, a 0-fee exchange with NRG as the base trading pair.

The Treasury continues to grow

While many of the competitive crypto projects are struggling to pay the bills, Energi treasury is expanding. Every month 400,000 NRG is contributed to the treasury to maintain its self-funding status. This equates to over $1million USD worth of funds based on the current NRG coin rates.

In the view of the treasury operating in a decentralized manner, the master nodes voting decides the fund redirection. The same is being used to pay developers, contributors and to fund the marketing efforts, exchange listings and operational costs.

With the treasury history and current budgeting being transparent it gives everyone a clear insight into the funds generated within the ecosystem and how these funds are being directed. Notably, Energi is producing more funds than any other crypto project in the market based on a treasury system.

Self-Funding Charity – Energi Impact

Facilitated by an economic design of self-sustenance, Energi is working to bring positive changes in the world. The small yet impactful initiative “Energi Impact” is growing rapidly. As per “TommyWorldPower” Creator of the Energi project, the project targets to raise the consciousness of humanity.

The humanitarian effort started with supporting an orphanage in Bali and a waterfall clean-up project. Additionally, the team will focus on wildlife conservation, helping underprivileged children and creating awareness about global issues.

Hack Protection – Energi Defense

The Cybercrime damages are projected to surpass $6 Trillion by 2021. This explains the purpose of the existence of the Energi Defense and Energi Bureau of Investigations (EBI). Again, a self-funded initiative, the focus is to prevent the users from sophisticated scams and hacks.

With attention to information leading to arrests and conviction of scammers, Bounty Campaigns have been announced. The current reward for arrest worthy information is the lowest of 5000 NRG or $50,000. Points often overlooked are the Security Education and reports of past Security breach incidents, but Energi has established dedicated sections for both.

Major Q4 update – Energi 3.0 Coin Migration

In the view of making Energi compatible with dApps written for Ethereum, the project will move to a new Ethereum-based blockchain. Unlike the traditional coin swap, the event will be an Energi coin migration. Important to realize is that the Energi coin will not be turned into an ERC20 token. But it will become an equivalent to ETH. These new tokens will have the ability to have ERC20 tokens compatible with the Energi platform.

Another key point, the update will actually render Ethereum capabilities to the existing model of self-funding treasury, governance system and Masternodes. As an innovative approach, the migration of 2.0 to 3.0 will be a decentralized method maintaining the trust of the users. To point out, an NRG will be migrated to an Ethereum like an address. The entire setup is devoid of any migration deadlines. Consequently, the users can migrate their coins ANY time provided the NRG is stored on the Energi Core Wallet.

In addition to the ease of migration, Energi 3.0 will allow trustless shared masternodes/stake pools.

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